This is a mod that will make the fret buttons on your guitar hero controller firmer and more responsive. You get less of that clicking / rattling sound you get when you're playing fast, and it requires less downward pressure to fret a note.

You will need:

Guitar Hero controller
Size 10 Torx screwdriver
Small philips screwdriver
Large-ish flat screwdriver
Duct tape (I used black "Duck" tape)
"Blu-tack", or other poster adhesive putty (e.g. "white-tack")

This idea is not mine as people have done similar things before, but there is no instructable, or indeed any clear set of instructions that I could find. And I haven't found any examples of people doing it to a Guitar Hero 3 controller, although the principle is the same for other GH guitar versions.

This is my first instructable so please be kind :)

Step 1: Remove All Screws in the Guitar Neck

After removing the neck from the guitar body, remove all the screws from it (excluding the one holding on the strap button, unless you don't use it, and want to remove it - I have).

You will need a size 10 Torx screwdriver for this.
can you turn a world tour guitar into a flying v guitar for ps3 like a metalica kirk guitar from the day that never comes music vidio ( hes the one with the curley hair) or a metalica james guitar a gisborn explorer
Do you think this would work on a GHWT guitar?
ahh diddnt realise putting it on 1 page LOL meh
heyy this is pretty good, havent done it yet but i have spare guitars to do it on lol, cant beleave no'one has commented this yet :) il share my mods with you if you fancy it aha might have a look at the strum bar soon see if i can make that abit better to use message me back later peace (Y)
AHHHHH! lefty. last pic good instructable+1
im not a lefty! my camera flipped the image...
cameras dont flip pics
my built in isight webcam does.
It's not the camera, it's the software.
why is any of this relevant? lol
why are you relevant! just kidding. i hate how photo booth does that . . .
You can change the setting for photo booth to Auto Flip them back to normal. Click Edit, then "Auto Flip New Photos" Voila!
well then y didnt u say that. im pretty sure all webcams do that too
on my webcam you can ask it to flip the image back to reality
im a lefty
yeah! leftys r asuhweet!
lol tru dat
hmmmm this might help me a bit. maybe I will try this. next time I clean out the buttons.
What else could you instead of that putty stuff...
the whole point of using it is that it's really reversible. I suppose you could use double sided tape, or hot glue, or anything you want really. Do so at your own risk.
Nice job, good instructable. I would totally try this but I think I've stripped the heads off of all the screws in that stupid guitar lol
Any chance we could get a video soon? k, thx. :)
a video of what? didnt think a video would show much. its more about the fact that you feel the difference in playing.
Awesome! Added to my Guitar Hero Mods group. I personally don't like the new buttons, but nice job!

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