Guitar Hero Guitar With Built-in Speaker





Introduction: Guitar Hero Guitar With Built-in Speaker

Basically, I cracked open a Guitar Hero controller and wondered what I could fit inside. It seemed light so I figured there was lots of room. Sure enough, there was plenty. Originally I planned to put an iPod Shuffle in the neck of the guitar and route a small speaker inside so I could rock out where ever I was, but I ended up just putting in an AUX cord.

Step 1: Remove All Screws...

Use a Torq screwdriver to remove all the black screws holding the top and bottom part of the guitar in place.

Step 2: Find a Spot for Your Speaker to Fit...

Depending on the size and shape of your speaker, finding an area for the speaker to fit could be tricky. I chose a thin, decent sounding speaker that was rechargeable and had an auxiliary out plug for hooking up any kind of MP# player to it. I tried a non powered speaker from Radioshack, but it sounded too tinny and no bass what-so-ever. Scour your resources for a small speaker for an ipod or CD player. I chose the area on the bottom left near the neck.

Step 3: Disassemble the Speaker and Mark the Holes...

Mark on the guitar where the speakers will be playing out of. Also, check to see where the cords will be routing to and where you can bend and twist them to fit around the innards of the guitar.

Step 4: Drill Some Holes...

Drill some small holes for where the sound will be emerging from. At first I thought cutting a small square would work, but I was using a circular dremel and it wasn't panning out so well. Holes are better for looks anyways. :)

Step 5: Foam It Up...

Use some foam or styrofoam to fill and cover up the speaker so it wont move around when you put everything back together. Also, cut the foam to make room for the speakers.

Step 6: Put It All Back Together...

Place some foam all around the speaker so it won't move when you are carefully putting the top and bottom pieces together. I made a rivet on either sides of this USB cable that charges the rechargeable battery on my speaker. I removed the, what looked to be like a modem, and moved it further back inside the guitar in case I need it later. You can also use this small space for the AUX cord to come out of.

Step 7: Routing an AUX Cord...

For mine, I used the dremel to carve out a half circle on the edge of the guitar for the cord to come out of. It fits perfectly and doesn't move at all. If you done have a dremel, a metal file will do fine for the small notch.

Step 8: ROCK OUT!

Now you can keep the iPod or MP3 player of your choice with some acoustic music to string along to. Maybe some Led Zepplin? Ozzy? AC/DC? Anyways, you can take it from here. Mod it up!

PS Yes, I'll be needing an USB extension cable to charge the speaker in this particular setup.



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    that is SO punk rawk!

    Could you do something that plays the guitar hero song through the guitar so that it actually feels like you are playing it?

    2 replies

    Buy an FM transmitter and wire it to your TV (or console's audio out), then put a speaker in the guitar along with a small radio.

    good idea but I am too lazy to do that lol :P

    I would have cut off the second usb from the amp, and solder the wires to the controller ports.

    1 reply

    yeah im sure the usb would power enough and what u could do is use a usb to mains-plug to charge it up

    What kind of speaker did you use/where did you get it from?

    2 replies

    Well, I was at Radioshack and they had an old Nano (3rd Gen) powered speaker/case. I tore it apart and used the rechargeable speaker, it already had the headphone jack so it was perfect. You can really use anything thats got a headphone jack, but the best sound comes from something thats powered.


    The "What looks like a modem" is a networking port which was brought in to allow the connectivity of a wah-wah pedal to the guitar. Never really took off.

    1 reply

    I wonder if you can actually but them still... and if the game allows them to be applied. :) eBay?

    Hi, I was wondering, does your guitar still work after you do this? Thx.

    1 reply

    Hells to the yeah. It was super easy and pretty fun to make. I've got an ipod shuffle now and it's perfect!

    do you like that? i thought it was great placement as well.

    Cool. Are you the person who created the frets with LED's or did you just follow the instruction?

    2 replies

    Nope, sry. Just thought I might like something portable for my costume for Halloween.

    No thats someone else