Step 4: Gang Mold

This mold is simply a slightly more complex version of your block mold. Start with several rectangles of foamcore. Adhere them to the mold board, and then spray them with a sealant or shellac. Then glue down your parts with a daub of hot glue, this makes things a little simpler to arrange and cast. Fill this mold with silicone exactly as prescribed in the previous step.
weberry12237 years ago
would you be willing to sell the guitars original fret buttons to me
i made mine clear with colored leds.the cheapest material i could find was in floral section at walmart.craft stores also have it.its called fake water or permanent water.its an epoxy-like resin that when mixed and cures,makes crystal clear acrylic castings.its easy to use,and only $4.97 for enough to make 2 sets of keys.
Starterdude7 years ago
Hey Bofthem What works better when making the fret buttons i would like to make mine clear and was wondering what the best material would be if you could give me any information at all it would be greatly Appreciated .