Picture of Guitar Hero II guitar cake tutorial
Decide to make a full size replica of the Guitar Hero II guitar in cake form. Spend the next few weeks freaking out and searching for instructions on fondant icing and cake decorating!

Pick up bits and pieces for making the cake over the course of the month... spending over $100 just on "stuff". For me this meant buying icing, a rolling pin, a rolling mat, palette knives, an icing smoother, cake board. Luckily I already had bowls, a mixer and a few bottles of wine in the cupboard.
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Step 1: Get started with the fiddly bits

Picture of Get started with the fiddly bits
Cut out templates for the cake (I used the actual guitar to make my template) and start making the "extra" pieces by rolling out coloured icing and cutting to size. Put these in an airtight container to harden.

Step 2: The cake!

Picture of The cake!
Because the guitar is so long and my oven was so small I ordered a sheet cake from a bakery. Its likely that the first person you speak to won't know what you're talking about so ask to speak to the baker and get a full sheet of 1" butter cake, un-iced and leveled. Or you could make a bunch of cakes and join them together. Sheet cake is easier!

Look at the sheet cake and wonder how you will cut all the pieces out, use wax paper to make templates (make sure you have right side up and wrong side up layers so you have a flat surface on the bottom of your bottom layer and top of your top layer) and then cut with a sharp knife! Put all the cut off pieces of cake in a bowl to snack on.

Step 3: Laying the cake to rest.

Picture of Laying the cake to rest.
You will need to cut a piece of cake board to fit into box that the actual guitar came in (this is super handy for transporting the finished cake!) then you can put cake in box and go to bed. It will rest and settle and you can get some much needed sleep in readiness for the icing excitement to come!
danlynne072 years ago
You did a great job. I love cake decorating too.
185590903 years ago
awesome!!!i love to eat that kind of food....!!!!!
ashbegash3 years ago
I love this game! The cake is AMAZING!! =)
Awesome! A game that's fun to play and, now, fun to eat!
poofrabbit3 years ago
This is fantastic!
notcharming (author)  poofrabbit3 years ago