Guitar Hero Killswitch Mod - Awesome for Jordan by Buckethead!

Picture of Guitar Hero Killswitch Mod - Awesome for Jordan by Buckethead!
I think Buckethead is an AMAZING guitar player, and since they have Jordan in GH2, I decided to make a Killswitch.

First of all, A killswitch on a regular guitar cuts out the pickups on the guitar. Doing that causes a cool effect as heard in Jordan. Since the GH2 remotes are plastic, and don't have pick ups... The killswitch does the exact opposite. It acts as if you were strumming, but instead you are pushing a button. It may make it easier, but it still looks cooler.

This is purely for fun, and really has no point to it except to look cool.

Disclaimer: Try at your own risk, I am not responsible if you screw things up and break your remote.

This is my first Instructable, so please critic anything that is wrong...
P.S. Thanks to Weissensteinburg, I got the boxy things to work.
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Step 1: What you need...

Picture of What you need...
I thought this Guitar Hero Mod was Really easy, and It only took me 30 minutes, but you will still need a few things.

-Guitar Hero Remote
-2 pieces of Wire (about 6 inches of each)
-Drill bit that is the same size as the button
-Soldering Iron
-Soldering Wire
-Electric Tape
-Wire Stripper or teeth

Step 2: Opening it up.

Picture of Opening it up.
There are 11 screws (may vary with guitar) on the Back of the controller.
You do not need to take any of the screws out that are on the neck of the guitar, only the ones that are on the body.

If you look at the 2nd picture that is attached, That is what the inside looks like. As you can see, It is a very simple circuit board and a few switches... Yet they still charge $70 for it...
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Great instructable, I did this today because after I got my haircut I stopped into radio shack and bought a few switches. Anyway, I also read that if u solder a wire from the select button wire to the circuit board (shown above) it'll come out the same way. I heard this is how people have been makign kill switches. Anyway, I think the extra button looks great (if you install it right). 45 minutes well spent I should say. Thanks.
Yeah, if you do that then when you strum (up or down, depends which one you soldered it to), it will activate star power... Since the select button is connected to up or down strum, when you have star power, and you press it, it will activate star power... so this instructable is very helpful.
Good point, I was also thinking of taking my other GH2 and soldering wires so that each fret button acts as a strum bar, this would eliminate they need to any kind of strumming all together, do you guys think this douns like a good idea?
Do the rock band idea and add 5 more buttons, and wire the new buttons to it so u can strum on the normal one, and tap on the new ones
Fudgey13 Azor6 years ago
there is a guy on youtube who made a made somewhat like that. but he didn't make a tutorial. what he he did was he managed to wire in two switches which you see on the out side of the guitar, and he flips them both, and it lets him just tap the normal buttons with no strumming on the regular notes, and of course the hammer-ons. it was pretty cool.
I'm thinking about doing that if i can get like 2 more controllers for cheap. It's pretty easy to do
What do you mean? You'll have 10 buttons on the fret board? If yes, that would be cool haha.
No i mean like u could just push the button nd that would both press the button nd pick at the same time, eliminaing the need to pick at all, i thot itd be a good idea
Yeah... this is basically what the instructable is about, except if you solder the select button to the strum button then it is kind of the same thing.
KevinSaw (author)  psychofish257 years ago
no... that defeats the purpose of the game.... the concept of lining up the strums and buttons is what makes it fun. Also, you would look like a noob and would be able to pull off some pimpin' pull-offs and hammer ons
Yeah i dnt mean to actually play with it competitively, just for fun
KevinSaw (author)  psychofish257 years ago
lol, i guess... what ever floats you boat. Also i am in the process of designing a min guitar hero remote. should be pretty cool :D
(removed by author or community request)
it tops the singal from going to the amp so when its pressed you dont hear anything
Whats the point of it on guitar hero?
(removed by author or community request)
Ikr does it even do anything?
I have one on my actual guitar and its an awesome effect, but i don't understand its point on a guitar hero controller.
What does it do?
Trogdayton5 years ago
Heh, very nice man. I wish I could mod it to make me play better... I play expert, but routinely lose to my roommate. :)

Thanks, great instructable!
3451387 years ago
im scared ill break it
toogers 3451385 years ago
than don't do it.
Spense097 years ago
whats a killswitch?
it kills the power, so it turns the guitar off. it's an on/off switch.
qwazy96 years ago
k i have a question will this work with a gh3 wii les paul guitar? cuz i really dont wanna risk a 70$ wii guitar >.> ty
KevinSaw (author)  qwazy96 years ago
probably not
MilotisX6 years ago
Hey, this doesnt effect the actual strumbar does it'? Like splitting the voltage can sometimes reduce the percentage of actual registered clicks, can't it?
Great instructable, I plan on trying it in the near future. Would it be possible to wire up two killswitches to one guitar. The guitar I plan on putting the switches on has the strummer broken so I'd like to put two on their so I can better handle the speed picking parts of Guitar Hero.
you could just replace the dead switch wit a new one (from Radio Shack) and install the kill switch.
Jake Turner7 years ago
Hey, great Instructable. I popped one of these into my Gibson SG, makes playing tough sequences and mopping up 5 stars on medium much easier. Thanks for posting it!
the buttons at radio shack like that are 4 for about $2-3
illi117 years ago
what egzactly does the kill switch do? please send me a message.
3451387 years ago
im gonna add a button so you can switch from strumming with buttons to just buttons
23Maniax7 years ago
My first killswitch test failed, but I learned how to properly set the connections and now the switch works for good!
The Pusher7 years ago
I can play the guitar. I have a strat unlike you,tell me MR WEED can you play stairway?
KevinSaw (author)  The Pusher7 years ago
lol, everyone can play stairway... but can you play Blackwater park? or Drapery Falls? by Opeth If you can master those, you are awesome... Go smoke some weed... :)
those are sick, I'm not worthy.But you were in a band so I applaud your abilities O great Mel Gibson.[I watch like nine hours of tv a day] I've also been awake for three solid days
I'm a total newb so It's harsh,considering I've been playing for two months and am self taught,sorry if I sound conceded. ill try, and i will:)
Clayton H.7 years ago
When I tried this all I got was a hunk of plastic with a button on it.
KevinSaw (author)  Clayton H.7 years ago
how did you mess it up? Messed up the solder?
Well I fixed it and it works fine now.
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