Step 3: Flip Side of the Circuits

Remove the 4 screws that hold the controller circuit board in place. We need to work on the other side of it.
This step confused me the most during the installation. The wording about having a &quot;sharp&quot; point and &quot;poking the wire through the hole&quot; made it seem like the wire was going all the way through to the other side; like punching through the PCB (which as was stated is covered by a microchip). Eventually figured out your meaning. Possibly reword to say that the wire just needs to sit firmly in the hole. <br />
Great 'ible, but theres just one thing that bugged me. The title includes the phrase "No Solder", but you clearly solder the phono jack in step 5.
Ah ha! Good point. I'll edit that thanks :)

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