Step 5: Drilling and Final Steps...

Assuming you wish to mount your switch on your guitar, you are gunna have to do some drilling.

Only other alternative is to remove a tone or volume (volume if you are crazy) pot if you do not wish to drill your guitar. However the switch might not fit perfectly so you may have to do some filing etc to make the switch fit.

Test the switch before you place the cavity plate back on. (I highly recommend screwing your output jack back on before you test the switch, Because you are going to be pluging you're amp in)

If it works, and if your switch is mounted on your guitar then congratulations, This is my first guide so I may have forgotten somethings in the step by step, If you notice any thing or have any questions, comment me.

<p>I installed a killswitch today, but it only works in reverse. I only get signal through when I press the button, any ideas?</p>
<p>It depends on if the switch is normally open or normally closed.</p><p>Normally closed switches are installed in series, while normally open are installed in parallel. </p><p>Installing one as the other will produce the opposite effect &amp; sound will only be heard while the button is being pressed.</p>
How to install a killswitch on your guitar
I DOnt understand hoe to use 3 prong switches could you please explain?
Tom Morello doesnt use a killswitch. He turns the volume on one pick up all the way down and one up then switches between the two.
actually he uses a killswitch in his &quot;soul power&quot; guitar because it's a strat and strats don't have two volume knobs and they have a 5 way switch pickup selector
its pretty much the same thing, tom said it &quot;acts as a kill switch&quot;. Quit trying to sound smart, ya prick.
are you doing this on an Yamaha ERG 121C?<br />
BUCKETHEAD!!!!!!!!!! great use of killswitches. i recommend learning bucketheads jordan to get a good feel for crazy possibilities
Huh, so how would you do this w/ a toggle switch? B/C in your pic of the toggle switch there's 3 posts (can't think of a word for it lol) from it instead of the 2 on a button switch. Hope you can understand that. BTW Arm The Homeless!
You use the middle tab and one of the side tabs.
I understand what you mean I think, Like there is 3 prongs (or sometimes more) on a toggle switch, but only two on a push button switch. Sadly I can't help you for this one :(, However when I can be bothered (lol) I am going to swap my current push button switch, for a toggle (I find that you cannot do much with the button switch) so when I get around to installing the toggle,I shall post images etc. Sorry I couldn't be of more help, However I know for a fact that there is a killswitch thread on ultimate-guitar dot com, so hopefully that will help you. (just search for "ultimate killswitch thread" in the search bar on U-G).
Jaja, that's exactly what i meant. Damn, too bad. And it's funny you mention the ultimate killswitch thread b/c i was just checking it out yeterday lol. Well, i'll be waiting for you to post one, if you do a toggle switch one. Thanks!
Damn I can't add a 3 way switch in :(, just checked out my control cavity and just rememebered that I placed the switch SO DAMN close to the end of the routing, therefore the back circuit part that toggle switches require will not fit :@. The only way I could put a toggle in is if I drill a hole in a new area in the cavity, however it's tight for space in there, and I would have a hole in my guitar or a big red button AS WELL as the toggle, which sucks and now I'm pissed so I'm gunna have to stick with the button -.-. Well sorry I cannot help you with that, However if you buy a 3 way toggle, with 3 PRONGS mounted on, Surley you could wire it EXACLY like a switch with TWO PRONGS, but leave out the center position? (The center position on the toggle will NOT have a wire on it) I think that would work but you'd have to give it a go yourself, Good luck if you decide to proceed.
lol u got that one guitar... or is that not u
No, it's just a pic of morello using the toggle.
thats what i thought lol

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