Guitar Pick

Avengers Logo

Iron Man



Captain America

1 mm Thickness for pick

0.6 mm Thickness for image

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Avengers Logo > a2.stl

Iron Man > iron-pick09

Thor > thor.stl

Hulk > hulk.stl

Captain America > a-pick

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<p>The idea is not too bad but I doubt 3D printed picks will last for long.<br>My <br> main concern is copyright, there are trademark laws in place in many <br>countries and using a copyright protected symbol this way can be seen as <br> a violation.<br>And I do know Disney does not really like copyright <br>violations, Marvel might be the same, so it would be good to clear this up to be safe on the legal <br> side of things.</p>
<p>It might only be a problem if you're making money from it, or if there was an official line of Marvel picks that it was infringing on...</p><p>Good point though</p>
<p>I guess it comes down to what the copyright holder thinks is worth pursuing.<br>Take movies, even for a single download you can get into (little) trouble in some countries.<br>But I agree that on a personal level no company should think too bad of an idea like this.<br>After all noone cares if you made a very good looking superman costume for your little ones or build your own star wars machines for your garden.<br>For me it is just sometimes a concern if nothing about a possible copyright is mentioned.<br>People think because it is listed here for free they can use as they please, an on top of that comes the license problem.<br>You can't really put a free license on something that has a copyright held by someone else.<br>When I do things like that I always include an explanation like &quot;The desing is not mine and is copyright protected but it is used entirely for personal use and I do not intent to make any profit from it.&quot;.<br>Won't help in court but gives the right impression at least.</p>
<p>Thank you for reminding</p><p>I'll pay more attention</p>
<p>These are really cool!</p><p>How do they hold up to vigorous strumming?</p>
thank you ! feel cool pls vote me <br>enjoy it
<p>thank you</p>
<p>feel cool please vote me give me encourage</p>
I also play they guitar and if I had these it will look so cool
<p>thank you ! </p>
<p>where u live !? </p>
<p>woow... maybe i can apply this in my guitar.</p>
Where it made? I mean is it from a 3D or laser cut?
3D printer , made in hong kong by myself
No problem
<p>I can be mailed to you, but I live in Hong Kong!</p><p>But does not include the cost of mailing</p>

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