Introduction: Guitar Pick Holder

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It's pretty much what the title says but its kinda wierd looking but its realy easy and conviniant it can be used for other small things too.

Step 1: Materials

A multi-tool,icebreakers container, and a tack. 

Step 2: The Icebreakers Mints Container

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Any circular mint container that has two openings (to share and for you) i used an icebreakers container

Step 3: Take Off the Stickers and Take Off the Bigger Opening

Picture of Take Off the Stickers and Take Off the Bigger Opening

It's fairly easy to take off the stickers and i used my multitool to take off the (bigger) opening  and you may want to file down theridge where you cut> 

Step 4: Finish

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Then you can insert your picks or other small things and i hope you liked it!


TSC (author)2010-08-08

Did you like copey this from the other instructables????!! but good any way!!!!!

skittledork167 (author)TSC2010-08-09

no I didn't try to copy it I don't think I did

TSC (author)skittledork1672010-08-09

O ok good any way for the first!

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