Step 6: Optional

If you are planning to mount this on the microphone stand boom during your next gig, my suggestion is; drill a hole at both ends of the binder bar and secure it to the boom by using cable tie straps.
This is a cool post. Thanks for showing us how it's done. This pick holder is great for performing because it is similar to what the pros use mainly or they'll have some picks on their mics.<br> <br> The newest pick holders are actually clear pads that stick on the actual guitar i think they're pretty sweet. <a href="http://www.ready-pick.com" rel="nofollow">Ready Pick</a> is what a lot guitarists are switching to in terms of pick holders because when they walk away from the mic they can still have extra picks within reach.
"To fou ki sa" To you to translate what's written
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uhh... what language.... anyways sweet name dude
or you could cut the top 3rd of a piece of pvc pipe like this:
cool i am going to make one to put on my dresser
Thank you all for your kind comments.
awsum i had wondered how to do this for a while n just seeing your parts list made it clear great job!
Nice idea! I don't see what's wrong with the good ol' strip-o-gaff though =)<br/>
Way too cool , Bad thing i don't gig that oftenly ,
Cool! too bad i don't play guitar
Awesome! The ones they use are actually connected to microphone stands, so just get some double sided tape and connect it to the microphone stand. Nice job! +1 rating. (added to favorites)

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