Guitar Pick Holder





Introduction: Guitar Pick Holder

I was going to some ones house to play guitar with them and i wanted to bring some pics but I couldnt find my pic holder. So I was playing with a rubberband and I figured out a great way to kep my picks together.

Step 1: Get Your Guitar Picks and a Rubber Band

Im an using 3 picks but depending on the size of your rubber band it can hold a lot more.

Step 2: Now We Start

Put the rubber band on the guitar pick like in the picture.

Step 3: Twist It

Now twist the rubber band leavng a loop at the end.

Step 4: Wrap Around

Take the end with the loop and pull it around the the other side.

Step 5: Hook the Loop on the End

Now you hook the loop to the the pointy end.

Step 6: You Are Done :D

All done :) If you want you can hook a keyring ot a chain or something to the twisted part :)



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    i use my jean pocket 2 hold my picks i should make a instructable bout that haha

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     or you could go to  and buy the coolest musician accessory  to hold picks...and it looks good too.

    Holds 3 thin picks
    Holds 1 medium & 1 thin
    Holds 1 heavy

    with style!  Use the facebook20 to get 20% off your purchase!

    you could put it between your strings and alternate like aweave pattern...probably not good for your strings tho....

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    i always do that, so do a lot of other people I know

    I use this little bag this girl made for me. its pretty sweet

    My solution has always been to slightly unscrew the top screws of my strat and to shove my picks up in there. Viola!

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    I just put my picks between the tone knobs on my strat

    I just use a Crown Royal bag to carry all my guitar supplies. Those bags come in handy and I have far too many of them.

    interesting, i just use the bill of my hat. its got a hole in it so i put some staples to make the shape of a pick and it works pretty good. i always have at least two picks with me at all times.

    I looked at your instructions for about two minutes and I have no idea what you did...the pictures are impossible to see.

    I use a dunlop pick holder that sticks to my guitar

    no :P I was just playing around with a rubber band as a way to hold guitar picks together to take them somewhere

    meh. I just use a small mint container. The type that has the sliding top on it.

    I will have to try that sometime


    FTR: i was talking to rimar not you....

    So was I :P I meant I will have to try that camera thing.