This is a great gift to make for somebody or just to have for yourself!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

This project is actually quite simple and you will need only a few things:

-A nickle
-Needle nosed pliers
-bench grinder
-Sand paper
-File (optional)
-Polish (car polish works well)
-Necklace cord
-Needles or pins
-Sharpie, paint pen, or paint

Maybe a little more than a few things...
So excited to try this :)
I really enjoyed making this! Only problem I had was sharpie didn't work and when I used acrylic paint, it fell off in 3 days. Still liked it! Thanks
what if i dont have bench grinder and i cant saw it -.- can i use a file?? :/
Yes you can file it, though it will just take longer. It would be best if you could at least cut it out with a saw but its not totally necessary. Just find a file and start filing away! <br>
Please reply, i want to do this lol <br>
Please reply, i want to do this lol <br>
I'm literally sitting here with my mouth wide open, repeatedly saying &quot;It's so cuuuute!&quot; <br> <br>Awesome tutorial! I can't wait to try this out!
this is a really cool project. I made something like this in RM (resistant materials-at school) but I used enamel and copper for the base/metal and did the peace sign/symbol instead. I'd like to try this sometime. :)
By far one of the coolest things I've seen. Looks like I have tomorrows project!<br><br>Do you think a Canadian nickle should work the same? I don't see why not, Im just worried about it being to soft or hard...
it should work, you could actually use any coin, I used a nickle so it would be silver.
I tried hammering a Canadian nickle, good 15 mins and it's about half done. The mix of metals might be a harder alloy. I'll scrounge around for an American one. <br><br>But so far the result of the hammering is producing a much shinier result then your hammered piece before polishing. It'll be interesting once I do polish it.
you are probably right, here is what I found on wiki answers:<br><br>...It depends on the date:<br><br> nickel-plated steel : 2000-present<br> 75% copper, 25% nickel : 1982-1999; some until 2006<br> 99.9% nickel : 1922-1942, 1946-1951, 1955-1981<br> chrome-plated steel : 1944-1945, 1951-1954<br> 88% copper, 12% zinc (&quot;tombac&quot;) 1942-1943 <br><br>so your best bet is to find one that was made before 2000
Yea, I used a 2002... I hammered it some more but couldn't get it to spread out enough for a pick, Ill just make it into a heart or something. Super shiny though. Thanks! Great Info!
<sub>Reminded of &quot;Midnight Sun&quot; right now...</sub><br> <br> Anyway earlier to day I was just reading about a guitar pick necklace... <sub>weird...</sub>
This is awesome!
I like it! I might have to make that for my hunny!
I pick you pekachu!!
I like! good one - well done.<br>
OH. it is hard for me.

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