Guitar Pick Necklace





Introduction: Guitar Pick Necklace

This is a great gift to make for somebody or just to have for yourself!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

This project is actually quite simple and you will need only a few things:

-A nickle
-Needle nosed pliers
-bench grinder
-Sand paper
-File (optional)
-Polish (car polish works well)
-Necklace cord
-Needles or pins
-Sharpie, paint pen, or paint

Maybe a little more than a few things...

Step 2: Hammering Out the Pick

First, get the shape of a guitar pick, you can either print one off the internet or trace a pick you already have. Then hammer out your nickle until the pick fits on it. Once it fits, trace the shape onto the pick and cut it out. I used a bench grinder to cut it out but a saw works just as well.

Step 3: Sand and Drill

Once you have your pick cut out start sanding it down with either a file or sand paper, use a rougher grit for now. You can now drill the hole for the necklace, I drilled mine in the corner but its up to you where exactly you want the hole.

Step 4: Stamping the Letters

     To stamp letters in your pick print out on a piece of paper what you want to say. I chose "I Pick You" however you can write whatever you want, maybe someones name or something else. I found that font size 16 Times New Roman worked for me, the bigger the font the easier it will be to stamp.
     Now take your needles or pins and bend them with needle nosed pliers to make the letters, make sure they fit nicely and are the right size. It does not matter that much if they are a little off, just do your best!
     Once the letters are complete take a piece of clear tape and lay it on the words, make sure all the letters stick then place the tape onto the pick.
     Now use a hammer and hammer over the taped letters, this will stamp them into the pick. When you are done hammering peel the tape off and you should be left with the text you chose.

Step 5: Sand and Polish

     Once you have finished stamping your text on sand the pick and round the edges a bit with some softer sand paper. After the pick starts looking uniform and smooth you can start polishing, I used some car polish and a paper towel. Dab some polish onto the pick and rub the paper towel on it and soon it should begin to shine! I gave mine a final buff with a soft tissue and it looked a lot better.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

To get the letters to really stand out draw over them with a sharpie or paint pen, then wipe off the excess with a paper towel. Now all you need to do is attach a jump ring and cord to the pick, you will have to experiment what works best, but 18 in. is about the average length for necklaces.




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    I really enjoyed making this! Only problem I had was sharpie didn't work and when I used acrylic paint, it fell off in 3 days. Still liked it! Thanks


    what if i dont have bench grinder and i cant saw it -.- can i use a file?? :/

    3 replies

    Yes you can file it, though it will just take longer. It would be best if you could at least cut it out with a saw but its not totally necessary. Just find a file and start filing away!

    Please reply, i want to do this lol

    Please reply, i want to do this lol


    I'm literally sitting here with my mouth wide open, repeatedly saying "It's so cuuuute!"

    Awesome tutorial! I can't wait to try this out!

    this is a really cool project. I made something like this in RM (resistant materials-at school) but I used enamel and copper for the base/metal and did the peace sign/symbol instead. I'd like to try this sometime. :)

    By far one of the coolest things I've seen. Looks like I have tomorrows project!

    Do you think a Canadian nickle should work the same? I don't see why not, Im just worried about it being to soft or hard...

    4 replies

    it should work, you could actually use any coin, I used a nickle so it would be silver.

    I tried hammering a Canadian nickle, good 15 mins and it's about half done. The mix of metals might be a harder alloy. I'll scrounge around for an American one.

    But so far the result of the hammering is producing a much shinier result then your hammered piece before polishing. It'll be interesting once I do polish it.

    you are probably right, here is what I found on wiki answers:

    ...It depends on the date:

    nickel-plated steel : 2000-present
    75% copper, 25% nickel : 1982-1999; some until 2006
    99.9% nickel : 1922-1942, 1946-1951, 1955-1981
    chrome-plated steel : 1944-1945, 1951-1954
    88% copper, 12% zinc ("tombac") 1942-1943

    so your best bet is to find one that was made before 2000

    Yea, I used a 2002... I hammered it some more but couldn't get it to spread out enough for a pick, Ill just make it into a heart or something. Super shiny though. Thanks! Great Info!

    Reminded of "Midnight Sun" right now...

    Anyway earlier to day I was just reading about a guitar pick necklace... weird...

    I like it! I might have to make that for my hunny!

    I like! good one - well done.