Step 2: Hammering Out the Pick

Picture of Hammering Out the Pick
First, get the shape of a guitar pick, you can either print one off the internet or trace a pick you already have. Then hammer out your nickle until the pick fits on it. Once it fits, trace the shape onto the pick and cut it out. I used a bench grinder to cut it out but a saw works just as well.
btenriqwez1 year ago
what if i dont have bench grinder and i cant saw it -.- can i use a file?? :/
Emsaid (author)  btenriqwez1 year ago
Yes you can file it, though it will just take longer. It would be best if you could at least cut it out with a saw but its not totally necessary. Just find a file and start filing away!
Please reply, i want to do this lol
Please reply, i want to do this lol