Guitar Pick Necklace





Introduction: Guitar Pick Necklace

Hi this is my first instructable and im only 13 so be nice! Also something else about this instructable, i didnt have enough supplies to make a new necklace so i took apart the one i made before to show you how to make it. I'm REALLY SORRY about that. But this pick seriously looks cool and is easy to make.

Step 1: What You Will Need....

for some reason this picture turned out bad so what you need is:

Small, circular hole punch
Pick (doesnt matter what size)
Thin but strong wire that will hold its shape.(really cheap at craft stores)

Step 2: Pokin' Holes!

Take your hole punch and punch holes like whats in the picture. I made pencil marks on the back of the pick to help line up holes. Just estimate as well as you can for top middle hole.

Step 3: Time for Wire

make sure the side of the pick that has writing on it has the gross messed up wire on it. like in the pic, fold wire in half and pokethe two end through the hole in the top (on the side without writing). make a horizontal line on the top two notches in the back with the wire. flip pick around and take two wire ends and make an "X" with them through the bottom notches. flip back over and wind them together and your done! Now just poke a string through it and put it on your neck!



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That's very clever. What if you used a string long enough to wear and threaded it up through the loop at the top? It might take another knot to hold it together.

thats what i did and it looks awesome

that might work if you try it and it works let me know!

or you could make a long loop of string that you can pull over your head and slip knot it through the hole.

Hey. Great instructable :) If you(as I) don't have a hole punch, I am sure you can drill the holes too.

Hold a lighter under a paperclip or pin and heat it up till it goes red and just poke that through the pick. The fact that it's red hot makes it reeeeaallly easy to poke the hole

thanks! yeah im sure you could use a drill. but you would need a really small bit though. or just old fashioned pokin holes with a knife!

very gooD, very good. Im taking this to school next week(one week thanksgiving vacation, WOOOOOOOOOOT  WOOOOOOOOT!!)

so wait..what side faces out? the side with the writing or the side with the X??

 the side with the X. the side with the writing has all the ends of the wire and ugly stuff behind it.