This guide shows how I turned my old broken guitar into a speaker enclosure.

Step 1:

  • Jigsaw
  • Metal ruler
  • Soldering ironBuy it
  • cordless drill
  • math compass
  • soft pencil
Relevant Parts
  • broken guitar
  • Speakers(2)
  • Speaker wire
  • short wood screws(8)
<p>Thanks for inspiration.</p>
<p>One, I thought I was the only guy to think of making an acoustic guitar body into a speaker cab, and I still think it's a great idea - glad you followed through and built it. Second, upon further thought, I think it may be better to use the back of the guitar as the speaker's front, letting the soundhole be a &quot;tuned&quot; passive rear firing port, and an easy path out for your speaker wires. Soundholes (at least theoretically) are basically where the most sound of the widest frequency range is let out of the body. This would make very usable complementary reflected sounds if the speakers are placed somewhat close to the wall behind them. The blank guitar back (which would now be the side facing the listener) also would let you place the actual driver anywhere on it for best size fit and best resonance/freq resonance of the speaker you choose - which may be lower, higher, or off center of where the soundhole is. Sorry I don't know offhand where the sweet spot for a driver would be on the irregularly shaped guitar body as opposed to a conventional speaker box. </p>
This looks very nice. I have been trying to do this with my guitar but i am trying to get it wired for an iPod. Would you have any ideas for me. I really don't know if the iPod would be strong enough to power the speakers. The speakers are close to 3 1/2 inches.

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