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This guitar stand is made from laminated red oak. I built it to hold my new guitar. I didn't like the look of commercial stands so I began designing my own. The curves were done using the lamination method, so no steam was needed.  I also have since added an oak gate to replace the elastic band. The unit doesn't really need the gate but 2 toddlers with a fascination for my guitar required I do something  to prevent them from accidentally knocking it over. It is finished it with about 4 coats of a semi gloss verithane. 

I hope you enjoy looking at this and please vote for it in the I Made It contest.



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    Beautiful piece of art. Frank Loyd Wright would be proud

    This is probably the coolest guitar stand I have ever seen. If you were to manufacture more stands, how much would you charge? I really love your stand, Eddie, from Weston, Ontario, Canada.

    Great stand you did an amazing job will you ever do a tutorial?

    Now that's what I call a cool guitar stand. Beautiful.

    This stand is awesome!

    Shouldn't guitar stand should have a wide enoug stance so that if it is knocked over, the guitar doesn't collide with the floor? I wish you had put a t least one picture without the Guitar so we could see how you made the base support. With good wood so expensive its nice to see maximum use with minimum wood.

    The base is sufficiently wide that to knock it over would take such a collision that no stand could prevent the fall. I can post you a pic of just the base support as soon as an opportunity presents its self.

    Hey can anyone help me out here?

    i'm not going to use wood but i am going to use a silicone mold, resin, and fiberglass like the portal gun at volpin props to shape the plastic around my foot.

    Glass would work, watch the heat build up and you should have no problems.