My boyfriend has many guitars, but until recently, no straps. 

This is the prototype of making a guitar strap WITHOUT having to use fixings from a pre-bought strap (which I found common among other DIY guitar straps).

I used what I could find around the house:

For the Strap:
Fabric  -  (I used fairly strong cotton)
1 slider buckle ~2.5" wide -  (I used one from an old bag)

For the Attachment Points:
1 Doc Marten Boot  -  (mine were 14 hole but you really only need the top 3 from each side)
Strong cord/leather thong
2 belt sliders ~2.5" wide

You also need:
A sewing machine (or needle & thread if yr feeling industrious)
Stanley knife/strong scissors

Step 1: Make the Guitar Attachment Points

Decide how many eyelets you want to use and mark this. I used 3 purely as it looked right! I didn't have another strap to compare with, so if you have one, make use of that reference!

Check how wide this is - I made my strap 3" wide (with seam allowance), so cut the leather at around 2.5"

Draw a line from this point, parallel with the top of the boot mark out a rectangle measuring 4" in length. 

Mark 2.5" along this and draw another line to divide the rectangle into a square (containing the eyelets) and a smaller rectangle.

Mark the halfway point on this line and use that to mark out a pointed tip

Cut this out using strong scissors or a craft knife

Make a  slit just under 1" in the centre - this is where you will attach to the guitar, so start with a small hole, and make it bigger if required! I found 1" was was pretty secure
<p>This is a great looking guitar strap. Nice and simple. </p><p>Now to scavenge some boots...</p>

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