For a while I was thinking what to add to the bentwood ring. I knew that I wanted to add some kind of inlay but I was unsure which one. Than I decided to add a bass guitar string.

Watch me as I explain and add a bass guitar string to a walnut bentwood ring.

<p>Great Videos, i had to try it immediately.</p><p>Here are my first two rings:<br><br>Bottom - Oregon Pine, my first try. Finished with CA.<br><br>Top: Santos Palisander and Poplar with a copper inlay (after grinding what i thought was solid silver wire) finished the outside with pure boiled linseed oil and CA on the inside. <br><br>(the poplar HAD beautiful, much more pronounced greenish streaks... i should have listened better, and NOT boil mahogani, teak, Palisander and poplar in the same water... now i know) </p>
<p>Very cool!</p>
<p>there is no active link.</p>

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