Step 8: Optional Anti-Slip Pad

Depending on the type of grain and finish your leather has it could slide a bit. Mine did so I hunted through my storage and found an old laptop case's padded, rubberized shoulder strap. I'm sure you can find something similar in a thrift shop if you can't cannibalize an already owned backpack or case. I've owned and seen many such straps that are either completely made of rubber, or are textile with rubberized pebbling on one side.

The strap I used was about 9" inches long with a 2" slot that the belt goes through. The slot, of course, must be wide enough to feed the belt through.  For obvious reasons, you add the last two suction cups after sliding on the pad. Make sure the rubber is opposite the suction cup side (though you'd figure that out).

The rubberizing really makes a big difference, keeping the instrument very stable.
Great instructable!! I was about to buy one like this at deoromusic.com, but wasa bit discouraged by the fact that I cannot use that system on a nitrocelulose-finish guitar. Will give it a try to your exceptional guidelines. Thank you !!
Hi Slopez26. Thanks. <br> <br>Proceed with caution ;-) If Deoro Music's guitar support will damage the finish so will this. The cups are what do that damage (just read that now) to the nitroceluslose finish and these suction cups are really no different as far as I can tell. Thanks for pointing it out. I'll update this instructable. BTW: I bought a Deoro Music guitar support for another instrument recently. I have to admit the Deoro provides a little more stability than this DIY, but if you are a do-it-yourselfer as I am, it does work . The benefit of this custom job is that the base on this can be customized and made wider so sits nicely in the lap. <br> <br>Still and so, I don't recommend you use this. It may just cause your finish the same problem. <br> <br>Have you seen Thomas Heck's solution? <br>http://buildingtheergonomicguitar.com/2007/01/lap-strap-for-guitar-support.html <br> <br>
Hello and thank you for the fast response !! I think I'll give it a try to do something like this: http://www.sentex.net/~walker81/dynarette.htm Even when my guitar is not a good one (it's hard to tune), I do not want to mark it. Will try that cushion system, and let you know the outcome.<br><br>C u !

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