This is my Survival Guitar Kit! Its very handy to have with you.

Step 1: Whats Inside

Inside there is:
1 Mouth Harmonica
1 Tuner
3 Picks
And 1 cabo

Step 2: Stuff

This is all you will ned to play, tune, and having on you guitar, and if you have a friend then he can play the harmonica!

Step 3: Smart

I designes this so the tuner can slide in and out, but you have to pull a little bit, so its not just fall out all the time.

Step 4: Done

Hope you liked that! I will also made one for Electric guitar. Make sure to check that out. Bye!

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Bio: I live in Denmark, and i will show you how to make things for survival, art, awesomeness, and much more! Check it out! ??
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