Step 3: Finish Up

Picture of Finish Up
Now stick the window decal paper into your printer and print your tattoo. I usually let the printed decal dried for a while. Make sure your guitar is clean. Then cut out the decal, peel off the back and carefully put it on your guitar. That's it!

You don't even need to do the hole 'contour of the guitar' thing. As you can see in my final photo, just print out some of your favorite pictures and decorate! Pan, God of Music, graces the top of my guitar.
Hollis6132 years ago
Great idea. Where did you find that pic of Pan?
taywill954 years ago
Would it be alright to print something out and make it into a stencil to sharpie onto the guitar? I'm wondering if I need to avoid it...
i've tried drawing on my guitar with sharpies before, the clear coat and the alcohol based ink keep it from being permanent. it will slowly wipe off completely, but the plus side is, you can wash any mistakes off with rubbing alcohol.
the trick is to remove the clear coat then draw.then add the clear coat
paqrat4 years ago
This is very cool.
Lawlzorz5 years ago
Are you using a laser printer or inkjet??
JKibs956 years ago
Sweet! Questions: 1: Do the tattoos come off? If so, do they ruin the finish of the guitar when they come off? 2:Wasn't Apollo the Greek God of music?
mnajar6 years ago
very nice and sleek. Where would you get a decal paper from? any arts and craft store?
potatojesus (author)  mnajar6 years ago
Staples or Office Max is your best bet. As long as the carry a good variety of printer papers.
mneufeld6236 years ago
This is a pretty nifty idea. I bet you could do this type of thing with tons of other stuff. Thanks!