A guitar has 6 strings. When playing finger-style, you use your thumb (1) for the thickest 3 strings, and the next three fingers (2=index, 3=middle, 4=ring) for picking the next three, thinner strings. When picking the strings with a guitar pick, or plectrum, (which produces much clearer sounds), you hold the pick between your thumb and your index, so your index finger becomes unavailable for finger-style playing.

The thumbpick is basicly a pick that you can wear on your thumb, like a ring. It's a great invention, since it allows you to play both styles at the same time, giving you more creative freedom.

Because I didn't find one at my local music store, I thought why not make one myself back home? So, after playing with paper templates, I came up with a final vector template which, when cut out of a piece of plastic and properly assembled, works out just fine. I attached the vector template in the tutorial, either for printing and cutting the shape out with scissors and an xacto knife, or for CNC laser cutting.

Materials needed:

1. CD case cover - I found out this plastic has many desirable qualities: ideal thickness, plasticity and elasticity. plus, it's nicer when transparent ;)
2a. For printing-cutting: printer, scissors, xacto knife/cutter, scotch tape
2b. For CNC: well, a CNC laser cutter

Since I don't have (yet) a CNC machine, I will take you through the steps I took: printing and cutting out.

Step 1: Print and Fit the Template to the Plastic

Open up whatever file format you can use from the ones supplied at the end of the instructable, and print it - just keep in mind that it should be printed at 100% scale. Then cut it roughly around and stick it with scotch tape to the inside-curve of a piece of CD-case cover.
<p>I was playing around with the idea of somehow attaching a zip tie to a thing guitar pick, but, I like your idea better. That is, if it works for me.</p>
<p>I actually took a really easy way of making a thumb pick. the little pull tabs that come off of a juice or milk carton with a plastic lid and spout. I found the minute-maid pull-tab fits my thumb best. but for a slightly larger option the delight ice coffee offers a looser fit. Maybe I should make my own instructable about it :P</p>
<p>do make an instructable for your idea, </p>
<p>I've been trying to think of a good way to make my own thumb pick. I can't stand the few that I have tried. The angle of the one you made looks about like what I am looking for. I want one that will work for strumming as well as picking. I hope that plastic is thing enough. Great job and thanks for sharing.</p>
<p>@tinpusher, that's precisely what I'm talking about!</p>
<p>Author, when you say &quot;flexible CD case&quot; are you referring to the round &quot;cake dish&quot; style lid for a spindle of CDRs (or dvds, etc)?<br><br>Thanks in advance for the clarification and nice 'ible.</p>
I couldn't find any flexible cd cases, so I looked around for something else to use. I decided to try the side out of an Ovaltine container. It sorta worked though I cut out the first iteration with scissors only. I found that it was a little too small for my thumb. I cut a thin strip of paper and ran it around my thumb about where I expected it to sit. I found I need to add about 3 mm. That's easy enough to do simply by cutting the pattern and spreading it a bit.
This was great , but the Frame Keeps on falling apart but it could be easily fixed with tape, so besides that it was great and thanks for making this instructinabble
:) You welcome, Peter
That`s it. Thnx a lot. <br>
I saw a video which gave me a good idea. The guy made it out of an old pill bottle. He cut out the shape of his thumb and then taped it to his finger. I tried and it worked Really well! Its easier than this template however less permanent obviously.
This is nice - good that you supplied templates for editing as well.
Thanks, man. Well, how else? Of course I supplied the template, otherwise what's the point? :)
I meant in an <em>editable</em> format - that's unusual.
mmm I thought this would be normal, and that everybody does that
Nice, great idea...
thanks man!

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