Guitar Tuner Wallet





Introduction: Guitar Tuner Wallet

So...You're a musician, you say? You like to go out after a gig or practice? Well, here's a way to always have a few extra dollars safe when you're playing music, or just in general. BTW, this is my first instructable, so don't be harsh if I did a shoddy job.

Step 1: What You Will Need

1. A Korg Chromatic Tuner
2. Your Fingers
3. Two bills of any denomination - a paper bill is a paper bill, no matter the price, so you can put in two ones, two fives, or any other combination

Step 2: Opening Your Tuner

The tuner must be opened for this to work. This is real easy, so just follow the pictures.

Step 3: Money Folding

This step is also real easy - fold each bill in half twice. Important - Don't fold your bills together, stack them.

Step 4: Finished!

Now, just snap the back plate with your two bills onto the front half. Enjoy!



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short for instructable - the nstructa

looks like we got a new 'ible in process! a dollar bill guitar tuner? i want to see!

hey brother i followed ur instructables, and everything was good, and then HOLLY SH...uttle my house was robbed, 4 of my guitars along with 3 basses and my cello were stoled, and guess what, they left my pedalboard but the bloody sons of hell take with'em my bloody tuner along with 7000 pesos, wich is like 650 dollars, so i gotta buy everithing anyway good instructable

that sucks man. well, if theyr taking the guitars theyr taking the tuner. mebe next time youll put it in something no one needs or uses, school textbooks maybe.

um...isnt pesos spanish for a pound, which is a dollar? im hispanic so im around alot of people who speak spanish..i never bothered to ask what it meant tho...but pretty much, i think they took just 650 dollars..not 7000...

pesos is money. pesos are mexican dollars. like canadian or german or something. they took 650 american dollars worth of pesos. so they tool pesos, but the amount of pesos is equal to 650 american dollars.

no. Pesos is the currency in mexico. just like Dollars in USA and euro in Europe, and at that time it was about 12 pesos were a dollar, so if the took 7000 pesos the took about 650 dollars or something like that. pesos is another currency, not a transalation

eh, you learn something new every day..

that really sucks. i'm really sorry to hear that. the pesos might be my fault (sort of) but don't blame the rest on me. still sorry to hear that.

I'm not Blaming u of nothing, i know that it was my fault, but how in the bloody hell should i had expected that they would had taken my tuner?, its not ur fault im just sharing my experience