How to modify a guitar tuner so it can be used by a blind person
This build uses an Arduino Pro mini microcontroller, (all code is provided).
This project was undertaken for the charity Remap, which provides custom-made equipment for people with disabilities.

Begin with an LED electronic guitar tuner. I used a Cherub Guitar Mate (WST-550), which cost about £10 from eBay. It was a good choice for this project as it worked well and, as it uses through-hole LEDs, it was quite easy to solder to.

Use a microcontroller (Arduino) to read the LED's then output the information as a series of tones through a headphone.

Using the tuner

When it is turned on, the tuner will play a scale to let you know it’s on.
If the tuner is set to semitone tuning mode it will play 4 low-frequency flat tones.

When a guitar string is sounded, the tuner will play the note it believes the string is playing before either playing three sharp or three flat tones, depending on whether the string is sharp or flat.

The duration of these three tones will depend on how sharp or flat the string is (long tones if the sounded string is very out of tune, short tones if it is nearly correct).

If the string is in tune, the tone associated with the string will be repeated.

A specific string can be selected by pressing the button on the back of the tuner, the tuner will cycle through the strings to be tuned. It will then only give feedback tones (as in default mode, above) once the correct string is played.

Step 1: Dismantle the Guitar Tuner

To dismantle the guitar tuner remove the battery and battery holder.

Undo the two screws on the back of the tuner and gently prise the two halves of the case apart (I used my fingernails).

Nice to see Remap online/on Instructables. Do you release online Briefs/Challenges? I did try and go to Remap in Bristol, but it was difficult with work commitments, etc. Poor excuse, I know, but I'd be interested in reviewing work online and then getting in touch if it's something I can help with. Let me know, if you are able. Thanks.
At the moment I am just one of the Remap engineers putting my projects on-line, but I am sure the work will receive a positive response, and that will help me to persuade more to post on instructables. I will mention your interest next meeting, there are potentially mailing lists / forums that you could use to keep up with some of the work.
Hi there, any more update son this one? <br>=) <br>Jude
Sorry my emails were not forwarding properly when the comment came in so I missed it. I have not forgotten, meeting is in a few days.
Thanks for the info. I look forward to hearing what they think. I'm in Bristol at the moment, fyi. Please would you contact me by email if you have anything you'd prefer to discuss off this forum: http://www.judepullen.com/designmodelling/contact/
Great project! Good instructions on the Arduino work.

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Bio: A charity that builds custom equipment to help people with disabilities.
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