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I agree with people who think guitar amps sound better when there pointing upwards,
so this is the way you can make a stand with a snare drum stand, note that this is only for little 10 inch amps.

Step 1: Get a snare stand

Picture of get a snare stand
the snare stand I am using is a cheap old stand i got at a yard sale, they usually cost a ton, so go look on ebay or take to look for one at a yard sale
Bradlez926 years ago
dude my brother just got a new set drums im SURE he has an old snare drum stand lying about from his old one.

why didnt I think of this?! AHHH!
guitarfan6 years ago
y have that same amp its now 6 year old an loocks like new
chevyboy6666 years ago
those GA-10s are great practice amps mine came in learn guitar pack and is lasting longer the the cheap electric it came with
dafrimpster7 years ago
Cool for a little practice amp. My Roland JC120 weighs 85lbs and would crush this little thing.