How to make a simple and very cheap guitar stand with a cardboard box and an hot glue gun (or white glue).
<p>Thanks, just made mine.</p>
Made it for a friend.<br>Thanks for the idea!
<p>I like the simplicity! I'm going to make one for my banjo to get back in the habit of playing before I spend money on one.</p>
Ya, way more character with cardboard
sexy :)
Wow this is pretty cool. I love how you can put accessories in the back!
What a great idea!&nbsp; I&nbsp;am going to make one of these for my guitar.&nbsp; Thanks for sharing this with us!
&nbsp;Thanks to read ! =D
&nbsp;I make one in wood too, but it less interesting and ingenious than this. And this is functional !<br /> Thanks for commenting ;)

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