How to make a simple and very cheap guitar stand with a cardboard box and an hot glue gun (or white glue).
sadams421 year ago
Ya, way more character with cardboard
sexy :)
Akask3 years ago
Wow this is pretty cool. I love how you can put accessories in the back!
JAZ975 years ago
cool way to be resource full true and true but i prefer wood like oak maybe maple 
clemens94 (author)  JAZ975 years ago
 I make one in wood too, but it less interesting and ingenious than this. And this is functional !
Thanks for commenting ;)
JAZ97 clemens945 years ago
true and yw
KMOM145 years ago
What a great idea!  I am going to make one of these for my guitar.  Thanks for sharing this with us!
clemens94 (author)  KMOM145 years ago
 Thanks to read ! =D