Picture of Guitar to iPad/iPod/iPhone connector (iRig) on the cheap
In this instructable, I will show you how to make a cable to use your iPad/iPod/iPhone as a guitar amplifier for cheap.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
All the materials you need are in the picture. Hover over the yellow boxes to see.
jferro22 years ago
It doesn't work, I don't know why because I have all I need. I connect with my tv or my stereo and nothing. Help!
jsenna2 years ago
what do you mean whit "white and yellow go to stereo"? will they work as an extra output for the audio, you connect them in a tv or something like that?
wintergoat (author)  jsenna2 years ago
Yes, you can connect them to a stereo system, or a TV if you wish, for audio output.
ghmagm3 years ago
What if you want to make it like the iRig? Like with the headphone jack, what would you do>?
gahapp33 years ago
The amplitube irig is a good product, I use it with both my acoustic guitar and electric bass to record in GarageBand on my iPad2. There is a slight hiss when I use my acoustic, but the noise disappears when mixed with other instruments. I can also limit the amount of hiss by turning up the Noise Gate in GarageBand. Has been a great tool to help with getting my own sound into the music I am recording. By the way, It's available at zeromartz.com
So you can use another adaptor so you can plug the whole thing to an amplifier, right?
And also, will the input on ipad be stereo as well? Cuz you only have one mono cable getting the guitar sound to it....
Really useful stuff, bro!
cforeman4 years ago
Awesome idea! I'd been wanting to hook up my guitar to Garageband on iPad but just couldn't justify spending $30 on the iRig or similar.
wintergoat (author) 4 years ago
When i say male-to-male here, i mean female-to-female
Don't they plug male-to-female, thuogh
wintergoat (author)  jrg3ni0us4 years ago
What do you mean by that?
Just disregard that comment. I don't even know what I'm talking about, I just pretend to
wintergoat (author)  jrg3ni0us4 years ago
OK :-)