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Introduction: Guitar Wall Hanger

I was at the local Guitar Center today and noticed that they are charging 15.00 bucks for a wall mount to hang your guitar by... I figured it would take about 20 minutes and a few bucks but it would save me some cash, which i dont have right now.

Step 1: Gather Parts

The first step is to gather parts... The parts i used were:

Hollow Wall Anchors #6-32 X 2-3/8"
SUPER Tool hanger
Scrap Closet rod with a flat side.

Step 2: Prep Parts

In this step I cut the closet rod scrap to a length of 4" and drilled 3 holes. 2 on each end for the screws to go through, and 1 pre-hole for the Super Tool to screw into.

Step 3: Assemble

Put everything together and hang it on the wall..

I never said this was hard..

You have to first mark where the wall anchors are going to be and then pound them into the wall and screw them all the way tight so that they're anchored to the wall. Then, when you screw it through the closet rod, the threads will catch.

Step 4: Keep Your Guitars Out of the Reach of Small Children...

And midgets... if you so choose.

Hang the gee tar on the wall and enjoy.

I made three of these for just over 8 bucks when Guitar Center was charging 15.00 each for them.



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    Be very careful about hardware store tool hangers. The rubber or plastic coating can melt your nitrocellulose finish on instruments at contact point, especially Gibson. A guy I know used the same thing and ruind the finish on all his guitars.

    hey does it matter about the holding load of the hook

    Yes. If you're hanging a Les Paul take extra care with the strength of the bracket. Les Pauls are very heavy.

    $15 USD ? That's steep. I paid $20 AUSD a couple of years ago but I need another. I've got a Two back to back axe stand but it takes up too much space now that I've moved into my own bedsitter space is a luxury. I have a couple of bases from an old stand i.e. the actual padded guitar support I guess I could use one after a bit of twisting and tweaking and following the ideas on this site. The other problem is the solid concrete walls a jack hammer wouldn't make an impression on them.I have built in cupboards with wooden doors, that's where the Les Paul is hanging so I guess the ASAT will have to go on the other door. Luckily they're for storage and aren't opened very often.

    Here's mine. ONLY COST $15! Custom latch system. Also built in a recessed pick for each guitar. Full step-by-step instructions on my blog. Only need a 1X4 and a 1X6 board. Enjoy.

    Feel free to click a link on my blog if you feel like supporting the cause.

    Either way, enjoy the project. Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions - always receptive to any kind of feedback. STICK IT TO THE MAN!


    I build them for a living so I must love them :P I can't get the tele sound out of me head even when I'm sleeping.

    i love telecasters

    Great Instructable! Unfortunately, neither Home Depot or Lowe's had the right too hanger size, so I had to use a little different one. It was too big for my acoustic, so I put my Squier strat on it. Because of the headstock, I had to angle the hook, but it still turned out great. Here's some pics:


    thats a good looking squier, here are my 2 squiers


    Fantastic idea! I'll just get a longer closet rod - my hubby had 9 guitars - and 9 Super tool hangers and the hollow wall thingies to hold it up. PRESTO. The guitars won't be laying on our guest bed, and leaning against the walls.