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I was at the local Guitar Center today and noticed that they are charging 15.00 bucks for a wall mount to hang your guitar by... I figured it would take about 20 minutes and a few bucks but it would save me some cash, which i dont have right now.

Step 1: Gather parts

Picture of Gather parts
The first step is to gather parts... The parts i used were:

Hollow Wall Anchors #6-32 X 2-3/8"
SUPER Tool hanger
Scrap Closet rod with a flat side.
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Be very careful about hardware store tool hangers. The rubber or plastic coating can melt your nitrocellulose finish on instruments at contact point, especially Gibson. A guy I know used the same thing and ruind the finish on all his guitars.

Ibanezguy6 years ago
hey does it matter about the holding load of the hook
Yes. If you're hanging a Les Paul take extra care with the strength of the bracket. Les Pauls are very heavy.
fscerri3 years ago
$15 USD ? That's steep. I paid $20 AUSD a couple of years ago but I need another. I've got a Two back to back axe stand but it takes up too much space now that I've moved into my own bedsitter space is a luxury. I have a couple of bases from an old stand i.e. the actual padded guitar support I guess I could use one after a bit of twisting and tweaking and following the ideas on this site. The other problem is the solid concrete walls a jack hammer wouldn't make an impression on them.I have built in cupboards with wooden doors, that's where the Les Paul is hanging so I guess the ASAT will have to go on the other door. Luckily they're for storage and aren't opened very often.
Here's mine. ONLY COST $15! Custom latch system. Also built in a recessed pick for each guitar. Full step-by-step instructions on my blog. Only need a 1X4 and a 1X6 board. Enjoy.


Feel free to click a link on my blog if you feel like supporting the cause.

Either way, enjoy the project. Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions - always receptive to any kind of feedback. STICK IT TO THE MAN!
Forgot the pics
Someone likes their Teles......
I build them for a living so I must love them :P I can't get the tele sound out of me head even when I'm sleeping.
i love telecasters
WOW. I wish i had one
thats sik i did the same expt on the ground to cool dude
Kid Ninja4 years ago
Great Instructable! Unfortunately, neither Home Depot or Lowe's had the right too hanger size, so I had to use a little different one. It was too big for my acoustic, so I put my Squier strat on it. Because of the headstock, I had to angle the hook, but it still turned out great. Here's some pics:
thats a good looking squier, here are my 2 squiers
neisee3 years ago
Fantastic idea! I'll just get a longer closet rod - my hubby had 9 guitars - and 9 Super tool hangers and the hollow wall thingies to hold it up. PRESTO. The guitars won't be laying on our guest bed, and leaning against the walls.
Safrapath4 years ago
I like it! My only problem I can't find these super tool hangers in England, all the ones I've found are way too small! Anyone know where to get the in the UK?
chinkeyes4 years ago
It made me nervous the way my son would lean his Gibsons against the wall and I hated the idea of buying a floor stand where it still stood a chance of getting knocked over. We used your wall hanger idea and we already had the materials on hand. My son even liked it! What a clever instructable; thank you!
What size are you guys using? I got 13-25s which worked great for a Squier and an Ibanez short scale bass, but now I have an Ibanez artist guitar which is too wide for the hooks. I unfortunately ruined the finish in my haste of trying to shove it into the snug hook.
dannyo0134 years ago
Very nice tip, I'm hanging a Squier Showmaster from this thing. I made one adjustment though, I sawed the wood rod in half vertically. I just prefer the mount be flat against the wall (doesn't move left to right).
mxdxo4 years ago
Made mine for under $3.Turned out great. Thank You!
hesseluke5 years ago
 Good idea, but i just used the hook by itself and screwed it into a stud in the wall.  one stop.
bigredlevy5 years ago
if you can be bothered waiting 2 or 3 weeks, you can usually get dirt cheap guitar wall hooks on ebay. i got 5 for AU$3 including postage from china, then mounted them to a nice bit of pine. total cost $20.
scottel175 years ago
 Why don't you check out www.wiamusic.com they have a great guitar wall hanger it's totally secure and looks great, I wouldn't use anything else it can even hang on the ceiling ! And nothing touches the guitars finish either !  I have 5 guitars hung with them, its all angle hanging system means that you can be really creative with your display. 
Read your comment about wiamusic.com. I met those guys at NAMM this year. They won best in show for their guitar hangers. I am marketing them in my shop Off the Wall Music in So. Oregon and Distributing throughout the US through Farley's Musical Essentials. Love 'em. How did  you find the hangers? Tell me what you can about wiamusic.com.
irongobbo5 years ago
This was AMAZING!!!! I built mine for 1.71 and it looks great! If you are looking for the hooks, go to Harbor Frieght and get them. I didnt see them at homedepot or Lowes.
I just wanted to say thanks to the OP and especially Crowbait. For inspiring me with his idea of the multi guitar hanger on a board.  I went and picked up a really nice piece of Walnut and hand planed it to get a nice finish. One coat of tru-oil for the finish applied with a very old worn out t shirt to avoid lint.  I picked up my super hooks from Harbor Freight for about a $1.50 a piece.  I bolted it to the wall with 8 - 1/4" x 2" lag bolts.  But I used a forstner bit to make a recess so the bolt heads would be recessed to facilitate later plugging of the holes with the correct size walnut dowels for a  seamless look. 
15 bucks. wow
jsklein6 years ago
You saved me $20 on two hangers. Thanks. Very solid design. Now my cats can't play when I am not around...
Interesting.....Have several instruments around. Shall have to give this a try, having tripped over a guitar stand in the past.
lol did last night
Bassbuddy6 years ago
Boy, you're a genius, you're gonna save me a whole lot of money
StaReal36 years ago
Thaaannnkkk you! Great Idea!! I was actually looking for this on Ebay, they didnt have a pic of what it would look like on a wall with the guitar and found this!! I am a gal and think I could do this myself to hang hubby's guitar as a suprise!! He just happens to be away !! After reading some of the comments, I think I will screw it to a stud as its an electric guitar and maybe wrap the rod with fabric or leather (to protect the guitar from rubbing) but I am going to give it a whirl.
Great instuctable. This will be great for hanging my Jackson Rhodes, Fender Stratocaster, Gibson V, and Johnson strat-bass. With so many guitars that don't work on stands, i need this.
Hey, thanks for posting this. I had an idea, but didn't know what hook to use. This super tool hanger is great. Thanks!
Watch the finish on your neck where it contacts the hanger: some finishes don't react well to particular plastic and foam. Some guitar stands do diabolical things to some finishes.
ajleece6 years ago
Hmm. Nice idea.
peskypesky6 years ago
OK, I finished my Wall o' Guitars last night and it came out great. Sawed the wood pieces and painted them on Sunday (my girlfriend wanted them to be the same color as the walls). Received the hooks from UPS and went to work with the drill. In about half an hour, the two guitars and bass were on the wall looking pretty! Thank you to mr2monster for this instructable. WIth the money I saved, I bought myself a toolkit and a Leatherman-type tool.
sn31026 years ago
I am in the process of doing something like this in my apartment. This may be a small detail but... I would consider adding a small square of some kind of foam material stuck to the wall behind the main body of the guitar. As perfect as we are, sometimes we get in a hurry with things. I have some chips in my ivory board binding along the bottom edge of my acoustic guitar to prove it.
peskypesky6 years ago
here's an example of a heavy-duty hook. it can hold up to 50lbs, which should cover even a lot of Les Pauls.


same hook at higher price:

peskypesky6 years ago
psyched to try this myself....i'm heading to Home Depot tomorrow. will let y'all know how it goes.
Superb man, nice article, thanks for posting this, this information is very helpful and I can't wait to do this.
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