Picture of Gulf mehndi tutorial!
this tutorial consists of how to draw roses and leaves and then put everything into a design, hope you enjoy :)
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Step 1: Things you need.

Picture of Things you need.
mehndi- can be bought online
paper serviettes 
and A4 sheets to practice on

Step 2: Draw a rose.

Picture of Draw a rose.
refer step by step how to draw a rose picture.

Step 3: Draw a leaf.

Picture of Draw a leaf.
refer picture.

Step 4: Fillings.

Picture of Fillings.
here i have used 3 types of fillings, for further how to please check my previous tutorial.

Step 5: Lets put everything together.

trace your palm onto a A4 paper as shown in the pic and follow the steps :)

Step 6: Done.

Picture of Done.
hope you enjoyed the tutorial. happy designing.
sabasingh2 months ago

Nice. This looks easy. i was trying some designs online but did not get basics right. I think now i can do it. Here is tutorial which i tried.


zeyanimisbah (author)  sabasingh1 month ago

great, i will take a look at it. thank you for enjoying my instructables :)

Nice! Voted!
zeyanimisbah (author)  marcellahella2 years ago
thank you :) that means a lot to me