Do you like to chew gum? Do you have old gum boxes lying around everywhere? (I kinda hope you don't...)

Then this little 1 minute project might be good for you!

The Idea is simple: Take an old gum box, and hang it for use as storage for your tiny desk objects.

(P.S. Sorry for the lousy pictures...)

Step 1: Materials

-An old Gum Box (I'm using a Wrigley 5 Evolve Gum Box)
-A Push Pin
-Cards and/or small USB Drives
Love it! I had a few gum boxes laying (neatly stacked) on my computer desk and used them for this! Stuck it on my bulletin board. Mine were for orbit gum and were a perfect fit for business cards. Also think this might be a good place to keep cut-out coupons at reach. Thanks!

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