Supper Easy Gum Wallet


Introduction: Supper Easy Gum Wallet

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Gum wallet-
In this instructable I will show you how to make a wallet out of two empty 5 gum packs

Step 1:

First, gather these materials. (grab a couple of Pokemon cards)

Step 2:

Rip the stuff out of the inside of the packs.

Step 3:

Tear the flap off ONE of the packs

Step 4:

Tape the packs together. Put the one with the flap on the back. DO NOT tape over the little slot in the third pic.

Step 5:

trim the cards and tape them on the inside.

Step 6:

Hey you're done. Please leave a comment.



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    Oh wow that is jsut too cool. Really neat man.


    You eat supper
    Super is something cool

    I love it! Since I like to chew gums, this really helps! But can you make this wallet with other materials? Since this 5 gum packs are not for sale in my country ( I have to go to Australia or Singapore to purchase that), can you make from other thing? Thanks! I really appreciate it!

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    What country do yo live in? I thought instructables was only in the US and UK

     I live in Indonesia, South East Asia

    Ha cool I've met people from the US UK and Indonesia

    LoL, why don't you open, you can meet people around the world in that website.

    We are practically IMing each other.Is that website safe?Oh and good instructable

    yeah the site is safe. tons of trolls. something to do when your bored though.

    you could probably find juicy fruit package that is the same
    by the way what is your favorite type of gum?

    Well, I like all types of gum.. Any flavor.. Especially if it contains xylitol that can clean my teeth! Anyway, I'll search for that kind of gum package.. I got the point already! I think I've seen another gum with the same type package

    Not yet it sounds dumb

    what else would you do with the empty packs plus u could charge people and make it for them I do

    I love how you start with flare and cobalt, and end up with solstice.

    1 reply

    it is part cobalt but my pics got screwed up