Introduction: Gum Wrapper Ring

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Make a floral ring out of 3 Gum wrappers, tape, and scissors

Step 1: Get Your Supplies.

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Your supplies are

3 gum wrappers

Step 2: Fold Wrappers in Half

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Step 3: Fold

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Fold half wrappers to make 4 triangles. Cut to make even

Step 4: Place

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place 4 triangles to be complete

Step 5: Tape

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put down a piece of tape and place triangles down

Step 6: Wrap Ring

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fold your last wrapper in half and fit to your ring size. tape.

Step 7: Tape on Flowers. Final Product

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MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2015-02-09

What a great upcycle, the gum wrapper really shows off the precise folding technique! Welcome to instructables!

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