Gum Wrapper Cross


Introduction: Gum Wrapper Cross

How to make a small Cross and stand using just 5 gum wrappers.
A small rounded object the size of a nickel can be used to shape the stand.

Step 1: Make Sticks

Lay the wrapper out flat with the serrated edges facing up. Make sure the little flaps at the ends are unfolded all the way.

Fold in half lengthwise. Try to make the fold as exact as possible.

Step 2: Fold 2nd and Third Time.

Keep folding in half a couple more times lengthwise. When you get to where you can't fold it, crease it down the middle with your thumbnail.

Step 3: Roll the Stick

Fold around the crease as best you can. Then roll the piece between your thumb and fingers to produce a cylindrical stick made of alumninum.

This is a basic building block for my gum wrapper creations. It's fairly easy to do while you're watching TV (at least it keeps you doing SOMETHING).

You'll need at least 5 sticks for this project. Get busy repeating these first 3 steps.

Step 4: Measure the Attachments for the Stand

Make a fold about 1/4 th of the length of the stick. This will allow enough length to attach to the bottom of the cross. You can use a ruler, fold another piece into fouths as a measure, or just eyeball it.

Measure down about half-again as much and make another mark (sorry, the photo shows two whole segments, not 1 and 1/2). It's not an exact science so I usually just eyeball that second half segment as well.

Step 5: Fold the Semi-circle for the Stand

Fold a 90 degree angle on the stick at the first segment. Then fold another 90 degree at the second segment so that it's perpendicular to the first one. Find something that you can wrap the stick around that is the diameter if the one segment (1/4 of the wrapper length). Use whatever you find to make a semi-circle with the attachment piece upright in the center.

Repeat these last two steps for the other half of the stand.

Step 6: Attach the Stand to the Upright

Bring the two sides of the stand together with the two upright pieces just opposite each other. The smaller segments should form a diameter wih the curved portions forming a circle.

Take one of the straight sticks and place it between the two upright pieces in the middle of the circle. Bend the two upright pieces around and wrap all the way around it's base. It's probably going to get out of shape now, but just make it so the straight stick is able to stand fairly straight up.

This is the toughest part of this one.

Step 7: Create Cross Members

Take another straight stick and hold it perpendicular to another one. Wrap about 2/3 of the length around the stick in a tight spiral. You need to make two of these - one for each arm of the cross.
Just make sure you make the arms the same length and use up enough of the stick so they aren't to long. Each cross member will look the middle piece below.

Once you create the first one, you may need to use the upright of the cross to make the spiral wrap on the second one. I usually have spare sticks around and use them for these spiral folds. It cuts down on the handling of the other pieces I'm putting together.

Step 8: Assemble the Cross Members

Slide one of the cross members down the upright with the spiral lower than the outstretched arm. It should be down about a quarter of the way. It should stay put. If it slips, tighten up the spiral by twisting it some more.

Step 9: Finish With the Top Cross Member

Slide the final cross member down the upright with the spiral being above the outstretched arm. Move it down so it's right on top of the first cross member. Adjust the arms to they are in opposite directions.
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    11 Discussions

    I made your tiny swing set, and put it on my 'toys' shelf. It always gets noticed and then when I say I made it myself, people are pleased and impressed.

    Thanks for the cross idea. I am going to make it to have an elegant little memorial for my favorite uncle who just died. Making a little visual object for someone, or to remember them by, always evokes a fond memory when you look at it. I never would have thought of the cross myself. You are creative!

    I use plain aluminum foil for these projects. It works very well.

    1 reply

    Thanks, cogni. I have tried just the aluminum foil, but the combination works best for my purposes. The foil gets brittle in tight spirals without the paper of the wrapper. For the cross and swingset that should be fine.

    Sorry for the loss of your uncle.

    I love it! Instead of gum wrapper im gonna try using wire.

    wow! i was expecting some crapy little x shape but this looks realy sleek and almost elegant! although its not a crucifix unless it has jesus on it....but judging from your other great instructables im sure thats coming lol

    3 replies

    I added a figure of the Blessed Savior to the Cross. I'm still working on figures, but it is sort of proportional. Happy Easter!


    Thanks. I guess it will remain just a cross for now. That's pretty challenging to get a figure on there. I never knew that about a crucifix - always thought the cross was synonmous.

    Wow, SERIOUSLY, your stuff is awesome! The chair, then this, what do you have next?! Great job, I really hope to see more!

    1 reply

    Thanks a lot. I don't have much time so I'm just starting small and posting some smaller ones. I really hope to see others take up the habit and post some of their gum wrapper creations.

    Great Easter project! Good timing. I used to make boats all the time and float them in the sink-my Mom taught me when I was little.

    1 reply