Gumball Machine Valentines (with Free Printable)





Introduction: Gumball Machine Valentines (with Free Printable)

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Here are the gumball valentines that I designed. I think they turned out really cute. Hope you like them! Here is the tutorial and free printable, so you can make them too!

Step 1:

Get the PDF to print the bottom part of the valentine here.
You can print it on any color paper card stock that you wish.

Step 2:

Put gum balls in a bag, about 10 of them.
I used fold top sandwich bags for the gum balls,
but you can also use plastic wrap or other small clear baggies.

Step 3:

Tie the bag closed.
I tied the bag with yarn,
but any string would work.

Step 4:

Gather the end of the bag and tape to
the back of the printed portion of the valentine.

Step 5:

Trim the end of the bag,
so it looks nice and doesn't hang
past the end of the valentine.

Step 6:

Turn over...

Step 7:

Hope that you like them!
** (p.s. You can use any candy in place of the gumballs.
they would look really cute with M&Ms too!)**



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    Hey! When I googled this it said I could find the blank gumball machine printable here as well, do you know where it is by chance? I love love love this idea but we just wanted some without I "chews" you on it. Thanks so much for the printables and your idea, super cute!

    1 reply

    Hi! Yes, you can find the blank version here:

    Omg so cool!

    I can not get this to print on my MAC, can you please help me

    cannot get this to print? are there any other ways to do it. my little boy has a party tomorrow, so i would need to get it asap. thanks!

    1 reply

    Yes, check out my blog for more options:

    Very creative. Could you upload the blank ones to the other host (the one is not Scribd)? Thanks a lot! :D

    1 reply

    Yes, you can find the blank gumball printable on my blog:

    I'm so happy you guys like the valentines! Thanks for all of the sweet comments!

    Such a cute idea. I really want to make some of these. :)

    Whichever kid passes these out is sure to have the best Valentine's card in the class!