Here are the gumball valentines that I designed.  I think they turned out really cute.  Hope you like them!  Here is the tutorial and free printable, so you can make them too!
**If you have trouble downloading the printable from Scribd, you can also get them HERE.  It should be free, and you shouldn't have to sign up for an account either.**
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Step 1:

Picture of
Get the PDF to print the bottom part of the valentine here.
You can print it on any color paper card stock that you wish.

Step 2:

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Put gum balls in a bag, about 10 of them.
I used fold top sandwich bags for the gum balls,
but you can also use plastic wrap or other small clear baggies.

Step 3:

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Tie the bag closed.
I tied the bag with yarn,
but any string would work.

Step 4:

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Gather the end of the bag and tape to
the back of the printed portion of the valentine.

Step 5:

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Trim the end of the bag,
so it looks nice and doesn't hang
past the end of the valentine.

Step 6:

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Turn over...

Step 7:

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Hope that you like them!
** (p.s. You can use any candy in place of the gumballs.
they would look really cute with M&Ms too!)**