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Introduction: Gumball Necklace Gift Idea

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to easily create an oversized "bead" necklace from a length of ribbon and a handful of colorful gumballs. This is a great gift idea, or a fun activity for a kids' birthday party or a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Step 1: Gather Gumballs & Ribbon

Round up a bunch of gumballs and lengths of ribbon in coordinating colors. For each necklace, you’ll need around 6-10 gumballs and around two yards of ribbon (for double-knotting and a big, loopy bow). The color scheme is up to you. You can alternate between two or three colors of gumballs, or add one contrasting gumball for a pop of color.

Step 2: Drill and Thread the Gumballs

Poke two holes on each gumball, one on each side. I used a metal skewer from the kitchen for this. Make each hole separately--if you drill straight through the gumball, it's likely to crack.

Thread your ribbon through the holes of each gumball. I used a thick wire to push it through, but a large-eye needle or a bit of string wire tied around the ribbon will do. Position the gumball near the center of your length of ribbon and tie knots on either side.

Keep going until you’ve got all 6 or 10 (or however many) gumballs on the ribbon.

Step 3: Tie It Together

Wrap the gumball-threaded ribbon around your neck (or a kid's neck, if the necklace is for a munchkin), to measure the right length and tie a bow.

Step 4: Seal & Finish (Optional)

You're all done, and now you have a colorful necklace made of gumballs to wear or give as a gift!

As a warning, the colors from some store-bought gumballs might rub off a little on clothes or skin if it's wet or extra humid, or if you're sweating. To prevent this, you can spray it with some kind of sealant from a craft store, but you render your gumball necklace inedible .

Either way, it's still a creative gift idea!

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Just thought I'd let you know I included you in my guide! I'm not sure if the pictures are showing up properly because my internet is a little weird, but hopefully I'll figure it out tomorrow :)

It is adorable. Will the coating rub off on skin?

Oh. Maybe if I had read then last frame. ha.

Oh my gosh I love gum! This is such a cute idea!

AWESOME! totally doing this next daughters birthday for party favors.
but hey can you think up one for us to do for christmas? to take for her school friends?

What a great idea for a preteen birthday party!

insert dirty comment.

Like candy necklaces! Only better!