In this tutorial, I'll show you how to easily create an oversized "bead" necklace from a length of ribbon and a handful of colorful gumballs. This is a great gift idea, or a fun activity for a kids' birthday party or a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Step 1: Gather Gumballs & Ribbon

Round up a bunch of gumballs and lengths of ribbon in coordinating colors. For each necklace, you’ll need around 6-10 gumballs and around two yards of ribbon (for double-knotting and a big, loopy bow). The color scheme is up to you. You can alternate between two or three colors of gumballs, or add one contrasting gumball for a pop of color.
It is nice. I like it very much.
https://www.instructables.com/id/For-the-Diva/<br><br>Just thought I'd let you know I included you in my guide! I'm not sure if the pictures are showing up properly because my internet is a little weird, but hopefully I'll figure it out tomorrow :)
It is adorable. Will the coating rub off on skin? <br>
Oh. Maybe if I had read then last frame. ha. <br>
Oh my gosh I love gum! This is such a cute idea!
AWESOME! totally doing this next daughters birthday for party favors. <br>but hey can you think up one for us to do for christmas? to take for her school friends?<br>xo
Peppermint red and green gum?
What a great idea for a preteen birthday party!
insert dirty comment.<br>
Like candy necklaces! Only better!
My daughters would go crazy over these!
I love it. Jewelry I can consume.

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