Picture of Gummi Bear Surgery
Gummi Bears live short lives, but that doesn't mean that they don't have health problems and will occasionally need some care. There are times when these delicate bears will even need to go under the knife.

The very substance of the Gummi Bears is tricky stuff and if you want to be able to identify a tumor and have it removed you need an expert. Someone you can trust. Someone who's been there.

To get a better grasp of this hidden world of Gummi surgery we talked to an expert in the field who was happy to demonstrate his techniques for us.

NOTE: This Instructable contains graphic images of Gummi Bear surgeries. Like the one right below. Gross, right?
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Step 1: Get patients and tools

Picture of Get patients and tools
For Gummi surgery you need a supply of willing patients and the basic tools.

Fortunately, most Gummi Bears are hypochondriacs so even if they don't have a problem right away you can usually convince them to go under the knife in less than a minute. There might be some ethics problem here, but we couldn't think of it and moved on to the slicey dicey fun.

Make sure you have a clean scalpel and metal tubing available. The second picture shows the exact knife you shouldn't use. Dried Gummi gore should be wiped off with a paper towel or you can replace the whole blade. Don't use your tongue to clean! Is bad!

Step 2: The art of the scalpel

Picture of The art of the scalpel
The scalpel is the most important tool in Gummi surgery. Once again, the surgeon recommended a clean blade. Push firmly into the Gummi flesh and give it a little wiggle if you get stuck. Try for a clean cut. If there is too much screaming, you're doing it wrong.
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singerboy417 hours ago

Hah, wish I had some gummi bears right now, I give it 2 thumbs up. b('u')d

baile3 days ago

that is op

Igor!!!!!! pull the switch!!!!!!!!!!
this is......... quite lovely.......? uhhhhhhhhh..... yeah sure lovely......... totally not the right word..............????? all good fun...
KristenW2 months ago

will the gummi bears survive? im 5 and im scared cause ive been eating real life stuff? can u ask thee gummy bears if they will forgive me? thnk u luv makayla kristens sis

NomadHobbyist2 months ago

This just made my day!

ZiggzaggZebra3 months ago
maxwesterman4 months ago

Very odd and halariious

eidylon5 months ago
Hilarious! ?
karlanz5 months ago
great idea for a xmas present, would give someone some hours of pleasure.
karter1515 months ago
Thumbs up.
Schorte5 months ago
I'm gumstruck... this is unbearable... (but they still taste pretty good!)
naimorris5 months ago
Hahahaha!!!!! Thank you for the laughs!!!!
Love this!Too hilarious!
hortod15 months ago
Dr. Frankenstein? Is that you?
Jack Moran5 months ago


SabaS15 months ago

Wow , i loved it :) Definitely gonna try this ....

jasara5 months ago
Cool and Awesome!!
So funny!
Though I pity those gummies!
AnubisAndIsis5 months ago

Sadly, this Instructable is not completely P.C. You missed the transgender Gummi. :-(

AnubisAndIsis5 months ago

This surpasses the fame of any cat or pepper spray video ever posted. Give this person a Grammy. Or Emmy. Whatever, as long as it's shiny and has lots of gold. LOL!

"A falling apart Gummi is a sad Gummi. Sometimes you may need to use
special surgical fluid to help stick the two parts together. If you
don't have that, try some saliva. It's always handy and puts a little
bit of you into each surgery."

<dying> hahahaha

bob30305 months ago
Great sense of humor!! Thanks for sharing.
PikeMinnow5 months ago

I'm loling for days

Pure Carbon5 months ago

This is awesome!!!

Technodrumguy5 months ago

Totally funny!! The clear bear with the red brain is my favorite!

mcharles87 months ago
Sorry I meant lol this is lame but suprisling funny :)
mcharles87 months ago
Lol this is lame lame
cd415 years ago
I like the clear one with the red heart, for Japan!
KingRyt chald6278 months ago


oh my god laughing out loud rolling on the floor laughing laughing my a** off i peeded my self


ya lol
as you have an atomic bomb pic lol
chopstx man ray5 years ago
I forget. : P
ROFLCOPTERINGWLMBAFO!!!! (Roflcoptering while laughing ny butt and face off!!!!!) beat that! =D
Fine you win! {=-(
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