Picture of Gummi Bear Surgery
Gummi Bears live short lives, but that doesn't mean that they don't have health problems and will occasionally need some care. There are times when these delicate bears will even need to go under the knife.

The very substance of the Gummi Bears is tricky stuff and if you want to be able to identify a tumor and have it removed you need an expert. Someone you can trust. Someone who's been there.

To get a better grasp of this hidden world of Gummi surgery we talked to an expert in the field who was happy to demonstrate his techniques for us.

NOTE: This Instructable contains graphic images of Gummi Bear surgeries. Like the one right below. Gross, right?
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Step 1: Get patients and tools

For Gummi surgery you need a supply of willing patients and the basic tools.

Fortunately, most Gummi Bears are hypochondriacs so even if they don't have a problem right away you can usually convince them to go under the knife in less than a minute. There might be some ethics problem here, but we couldn't think of it and moved on to the slicey dicey fun.

Make sure you have a clean scalpel and metal tubing available. The second picture shows the exact knife you shouldn't use. Dried Gummi gore should be wiped off with a paper towel or you can replace the whole blade. Don't use your tongue to clean! Is bad!

Step 2: The art of the scalpel

Picture of The art of the scalpel
The scalpel is the most important tool in Gummi surgery. Once again, the surgeon recommended a clean blade. Push firmly into the Gummi flesh and give it a little wiggle if you get stuck. Try for a clean cut. If there is too much screaming, you're doing it wrong.

I saw this and was like "What in the world?" But after reading this, I thought it was hilarious! Made my day :D I will try this one day...when I decide to buy some Gummi Bears :D

same rofl

does anyone know of an edible, sticky substance? cause i really want to mix and match gummy-colours
corn syrup? also try mixing as much sugar as possible into boiling water then letting it boil and evaporate into a thick liquid. its VERY sticky and healthier than corn syrup.
kracken423 months ago
It's alive!
Ouranos5 months ago
Looks like fun
My little cousin will love this :)
jetpower6 months ago
All this without the benefit of cryogenics. Genius.
ssonier6 months ago
www1397 months ago
ked19971 year ago
the tribearatops doesnt need a head
ked19971 year ago
well, can't blame the gummy for trying
Stop it! I can't watch the torture of this poor, innocent, squishy, juicy, sweet, smooth, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, gummy bear!!!!
Why r u so harsh on this mini species. Soon these will become endangered!!!!!!!!!!!!
ked19971 year ago
Its fun swapping all of the limbs from one to the other
Gummi Bear Docter: Hmm. . .
Gummi Bear Patient: What doctor?
Gummi Bear Docter: Well. . . would you mind sir if we transplant half of you body to another patient? You can have theirs.
Gummi Bear Patient: Not at all doctor.
*Sound of ripping flesh*
1 Half Of Gummi Bear Patient: I want strawberry!
2 Half Of Gummi Bear Patient: No, chocolate!
Both Halfs Of Gummi Bear Patient: I hate you.
Both Halfs Of Gummi Bear Patient: Me too.
jsu21 year ago
im soo gonna try this with my bf he's gonna love it
muller6544 years ago
i put a dinosaur gummi brain in a gummi bear... and now he just won't stop screaming... what should i do?
eat it?
hey yeah... good idea, thanx
eat it, then poop it out, burn that, then shoot it, light it on fire and burry it while its burning
cut the gummie bear in half and pretend it was an accident
Kill it! Kill it now!
He probably should be given a sedative. If that doesn't calm him you should probably take the brain out and put a gummy bear brain in. The only problem is you have a leftover dinosaur brain, but you can transplant that into a dinosaur so he will have two brains.
Just use a straw to remove the brain. If he develops heart issues it can be very dangerous. I would attempt open heart surgery. P.s. if you look at the heart moniter and it makes an discontinued beep than the gummy bears in trouble.
i would get a gummy worm and remove itts brain to the screamin g gummy bear then it would be quiet dahh......'
eat him!!
burt it in a glass of water overnight he will become bloated and weak then you can kill him without guilt
sell it to a sadistic two-year-old
try the potassium chlorate experiment by cforchemistry
1. burn it with a soldering iron
2. put it in the oven
blow it up with a airsoft grenade 
shoot it
Orngrimm1 year ago
Hahaha! Thanks man! :)
It is like frankenstein-gummis... Perfect for halloween :)
Chowmix121 year ago
Made it onto iFunny
toezar001 year ago
and lots of FUN! :D
yes agreed
i have lost count of how many times i have come back to look at this, this is such a awesomely bizarre instrucatble!!!!

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