Step 7: Brain transplants

Picture of Brain transplants
Once the hearts had been moved about, it was just a matter of time before more drastic measures would happen. While the heads could be swapped, some bears found the process a little crude and wanted to simply swap the brains and keep the rest of the head.

Here you can see pictures from one of the earliest brain transplants. The brain has a little bit of exposure to the outside, but as long as the bear doesn't think too hard it will be OK.
black hole3 years ago
What if we did this to the gummi bear from 'The Gummi Bear Song', and, sadly, ran out of brains at just the wrong moment? One can only hope....
this instrucable would help those grieving gummies who lost their brains to zombie gummies.....
legendx4 years ago
haha ! that is real funny!
mason01905 years ago
Medical school: Let's start simple. Transplant these gummi bear brains. The class finishes in about 20 seconds. Now try this on a human. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.. GOD DAMNIT!
The brain is the best :D
its a GREAT IDEA not even Einstein would've thought of this nice job fungus amungus but could you fill it with syrup ? i feel a new instructable coming on.

or even better, fill hollowed-out strawberry gummy bears with peanut butter to make peanut-butter-and-jelly-like candy
OMG Best Idea ever!!!!!
Finally! Someone takes the time to think about are tiny tasty friends...Thankyou so much for this!
pickledgirl6 years ago
My favourite!! This made my day :D
This made my year  :/
 this made my life.
someone015 years ago
this is probly my favorate, its SO COOL
zapple6 years ago
maby someone might get a bit smarter if someone did this. *looks at brother*
you want your brother to preform a brain transplant on you?
wow gummi bear surgeons are advanced even human surgeons havent perfomed brain transplants.
davidmic616 years ago
I think I found my next career move ---- Gummy Neurosurgery
JessickaSin6 years ago
This one is cute, I can't wait to do this, and the "heart-transplant" one!!!
toffie6 years ago
this one really made me laugh :D you crazy maniac! :D
dragondeath6 years ago
i love this one
Clever! Best innovative idea ever. Why can't surgery be this easy?
That's the coolest edible brain transplant I've ever seen.
Bubbba6 years ago
that picture actually looks cool
epizeuxis6 years ago
Tamatown1006 years ago
my favorite so far
Atomman6 years ago
Awesome! *Buys some Gummy Bears*
Ishq6 years ago
OMG..I loooove it!
Maybe they meant OWsome? Looks painfull to me!
hanni6 years ago
love this the most. awesome!
jwesty6 years ago
LOL!!! HAHA. This is great!