Step 9: Three heads are better than one

Picture of Three heads are better than one
A rough life can lead to Gummi Bears making terrible decisions. After hocking their original bodies, these three heads ended up sharing one weakling body.
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GLaDOS V33 years ago
jfenech3 years ago
You, people are just monsters ......
benduy4 years ago
dude did you watch x files they do this to a dog, a PUG head, lab, and ......
35004 years ago
You're a mad man! A MAD MAN!!!!!
These poor gummies...

If i was a gummy walking down the street and I saw, THAT, well...

Add a few more heads and its Medusa's little brother!!!
If I was a gummy walking down the street, I'd be very surprised.
bored2death5 years ago
 i feel sorry for the middle head, his arms are too short to reach it
Bet his nose still itches...
seandogue5 years ago
Lol! you're my kind of warped
Rotten1945 years ago
We know all you ~~freaked out~~ happy ~~prisoners~~ vacationers ~~hated~~ loved your stay in the underworld, so why not take home a bag of tasty treats to share with friends and family! They're laced with ~~poison~~ essential vitamins and minerals so your best buds can eat them and live ~~short~~ long and ~~painful~~ happy lives! Gummy Cerberus! Buy yours today at the River Styx Candy stand! Only $3.00!* *Taxes may also apply
Azbok5 years ago
this is wierd
rensje5 years ago
why does everybody say it wrong, its cerberus
maxiaxie5 years ago
OH DEAR GOD!!! What have you done to Cerebrus?!?!
aha in my mythology class we did a project using gummy bears and did exactly this for cerebus!
elleadnih5 years ago
Inventor of GummiBears says: My formula... what have you done to my formula?!?
lobo_pal5 years ago
Cerebus my old friend, how have you been?
shandrew5 years ago
Be ashamed of your gummy cerbearus abomination
bojopopo5 years ago
ok i just threw up.. thes pix are sooo gross did u even get the consent of these gummis to post there pix?!!
REA5 years ago
wolfeh3345 years ago