Step 9: Three heads are better than one

A rough life can lead to Gummi Bears making terrible decisions. After hocking their original bodies, these three heads ended up sharing one weakling body.


<p><strong>omigosh ~~ this just tickles me silly!! x^D </strong>laughed most @ heart &amp; brain transplants!</p>
<p>That is so funny. ?</p>
<p>This surpasses the fame of any cat or pepper spray video ever posted. Give this person a Grammy. Or Emmy. Whatever, as long as it's shiny and has lots of gold. LOL!<br><br>&quot;A falling apart Gummi is a sad Gummi. Sometimes you may need to use <br>special surgical fluid to help stick the two parts together. If you <br>don't have that, try some saliva. It's always handy and puts a little <br>bit of you into each surgery.&quot;<br><br>&lt;dying&gt; hahahaha</p>
I believe the word you're looking for is a Gummi award! lol XD
<p>This truly warmed my heart! It is wonderful to know that there are people in the world committed to the care of gummy bears. </p>
<p>Hah, wish I had some gummi bears right now, I give it 2 thumbs up. b('u')d</p>
<p>that is op </p>
Igor!!!!!! pull the switch!!!!!!!!!!
this is......... quite lovely.......? uhhhhhhhhh..... yeah sure lovely......... totally not the right word..............????? all good fun...
<p>will the gummi bears survive? im 5 and im scared cause ive been eating real life stuff? can u ask thee gummy bears if they will forgive me? thnk u luv makayla kristens sis</p>
<p>This just made my day!</p>
<p>Very odd and halariious</p>
Hilarious! ?
great idea for a xmas present, would give someone some hours of pleasure.
Ridiculous.<br>Thumbs up.
I'm gumstruck... this is unbearable... (but they still taste pretty good!)
Hahahaha!!!!! Thank you for the laughs!!!!
Love this!Too hilarious!
Dr. Frankenstein? Is that you?
<p>Wow , i loved it :) Definitely gonna try this ....</p>
Cool and Awesome!!<br>So funny!<br>Though I pity those gummies!
<p>Sadly, this Instructable is not completely P.C. You missed the transgender Gummi. :-(</p>
Great sense of humor!! Thanks for sharing.
<p>I'm loling for days</p>
<p>This is awesome!!!</p>
<p>Totally funny!! The clear bear with the red brain is my favorite! </p>
Sorry I meant lol this is lame but suprisling funny :)
Lol this is lame lame
I like the clear one with the red heart, for Japan!
<p>omglolrofllmaoipms</p><p>oh my god laughing out loud rolling on the floor laughing laughing my a** off i peeded my self</p><p>restarted</p>
ya lol
as you have an atomic bomb pic lol
I forget. : P
ROFLCOPTERINGWLMBAFO!!!! (Roflcoptering while laughing ny butt and face off!!!!!) beat that! =D <br/>
Fine you win! {=-(<br/>
wipe that smirk off yo' face!
I SAID: NEVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
Ha! yo' dead!

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