Picture of Gummy Bear Smoothie
Brief instructions on creating a gummy bear fruit smoothie.

Special thanks go to Mitsi for her initial twittered idea for a Reese's cup omelet which spawned a series of Twitters that turned into this glorious piece of culinary masterwork.

Step 1: Getting started

Picture of Getting started
To make this culinary delight, I used:
1 pound of gummy bears
1 banana
a quantity of frozen fruit (I eyeballed this part)
2 cups of whole milk
4 scoops of rainbow sherbet
a quantity of ice (also eyeballed) (not pictured)

I think all told this cost me about 15 dollars at Meijer. Most people probably have milk and fruit in their house. I didn't.

Chicken22096 years ago
lol what a concept
:) Did you try it?
um, would it hurt your feelings if I said no?
YES!! j/k We were thinking for the next project.....hot tamale muffins with a melted pixie stick glaze :) Or lemonhead cupcakes.
Oh, well in that case I did try them They were so awesome! I made 8 batches I sold em for a nickel each And I ended world hunger no, I didn't make it ... yet
yay stopping world hunger!!! you at a beauty pagent?
mikstr2 sh3n3rd6 years ago
I love hot tamales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ikeike405 years ago
bober9996 years ago
omg its way to sugary *barf*
Mike-Buh6 years ago
I love this! My kids will be equal parts horrified and hungry! One thing I will try is Freezing the gummis and putting them in the blender, so hopefully they will be chopped up.
mikey93486 years ago
you rock
robotkid2496 years ago
This is gross.
I can't stop laughing about this. It's a bit crazy to put some gummi bears in a cooking vessel and melt them together and then put them in the blender together with some fruit. LOL!
how do you think gummy bears feel about being made into a smoothie??


peschkaj (author) 6 years ago
I suspect that something like a BlendTec or other commercial grade blender would make quick work of the gummi bears. Otherwise you might just end up with shredded gummies.
have you seen the blendtec videos on youtube? that monster can blend just about anything =D
Jupitane6 years ago
I love SSSUUUGGGAAARRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
woah who gave Jupitane sugar?
will it actually work to blenderize the gummies without melting? maybe some kind of food processor would do that, but a blender wouldn't really fragment them well?
i bet mine can
sounds great thanks
canida6 years ago
Mmmm. But I fear melting the gummi bears destroys some of the fun of using them as a base! Half the fun would come from finding the occasional dismembered bear arm or head in my smoothie.
Derin canida6 years ago
And,as he said,the molten gummi bears may "clog" the blades.
sh3n3rd canida6 years ago
Hmm...I think you're right. Dismembered gummi bears would be a bonus.