Introduction: Gummy Bear Explosion :D

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Today you will learn how to make and explosion with gummy bears!

Things you will need:
a CLEAN test tube

5- 15 grams of Potassium Chlorate 

Bunsen burner 

gummy bear (red would be a perfect color ) 

Heavy duty Acid proof gloves & Safety goggles (VERY IMPORTANT

Crucible tongs (to drop the gummy bear into the test tube)

Step 1: Starting

Picture of Starting

Place the test tube in a clamp then place the Bunsen burner under the test tube. 

Step 2: Here Comes the Fun ..

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With alot of caution place the amount of Potassium Chlorate into the test tube.

Place test tube into the clamp.

Step 3: Be Careful !

Picture of Be Careful !

Turn on the Bunsen burner and heat the Potassium Chlorate until it turns into liquid & this might take a while!

Step 4: SCIENCE!

Picture of SCIENCE!

When the Potassium Chlorate finally turns into liquid Place half or whole (your choice) of the gummy bear into the test tube and jump back! 

 And Enjoy! :D

Step 5: Video


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