Have you ever made a cake and thought, "This looks so boring, I wish I could add something", well now you can. Turn a boring cake into a work of art! Okay, I might have exaggerated a bit... but your cake will look better. I have learned to make these from taking cake classes and trying to replicate what I have seen on cake shows.

I will show you how to make a cute little flower to add almost any cake. I will be explain how to make a two and three petal flower.

Things you need:

Gum-paste (buy at most craft places or wherever cake decorating supplies are sold)
Fondant (this adds color to gum-paste, if you want white flowers you don't need this)
a ball tool (buy it at most craft-store or where cake supplies are sold)
gum-paste glue (just add a small ball of gum-paste to a small amount of water, just enough water to cover the gum-paste)
wire (food safe, floral wire is good0
rolling pin
something that can cut a 1inch circle
something that can cut a 1.5 inch circle

There are tools for cutting petals if you wish to buy those instead, but I consider those cheating and try not to use them. If you want them you can usually buy them at craft store, the cutters you need for this flower is the sweet-pea cutter.

Please don't eat these flowers, gumpaste turns very hard and can hurt you if you eat it.

Step 1: Starting the Flower

First things first, add a small pinch of colored fondant to you gum-paste to add color. (Color will be light, so neon gum-paste is suggested for bold colors).

Next, take a small pinch of your gum-paste and roll it into a slightly oval shape. This is the body of you flower, you will be building around this.

Now you need to make a small hook at the end of you wire and add some gum-paste glue (not too much or this next part won't work).

Take your flower body and shove the hook half way though. Let sit for a few minutes to harden.
<p>Thank you for showing the instructable!! I will need this to-night.My mom and I have made many cakes with homemade fondant flowers,out of marshmellows and powdered sugar,but never sweet peas.Thank you!!!I ll include some photo's for you to see. The peony one we had for a contest and lost.The blue one a farwell cake and the rest is more cakes.</p>
Very nice 'able!

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