The GPS Stix Daughter board for the Gumstix comes set up for passive antennas only. In order to get it to work with a passive antenna you need to make a small (perhaps a little too small) modification.

Step 1: Cut the Trace From the Antenna Plug to Pin 19

Take a sharp exacto knife or razor blade and cut througth the copper trace between teh antenna mount and pin 19. BE CAREFUL there is another trace that goes to pin 17 which should not be cut. Use a multimeter to test continuity between the antenna post and the pin. There should be no continuity if you did it correctly.
Useful piece of info. Thanks. Any suggestions on where other software usage resources with the gumstix hardware are found. gumstix.net and its wiki is not that interesting at this moment :-).
Yah, I took the pics with a camera phone which is really crappy for close ups. I'm working on step by step pics, hopefully I'll have them up soon. I just wanted to get the info up and organized asap
It needs proofreading and more pictures, but still a good article.

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