Gun Suppressor/Silencer Prop Tutorial (Easy)





Introduction: Gun Suppressor/Silencer Prop Tutorial (Easy)

This is the first episode of my show. I hope you enjoy it.
Sorry for my English skill and after effect skill. I will try to make it better next time.

If you have any idea about props and the show. Write to me

or post you comment below. Thanks.



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this is the best instructable video ever!!!

this is the best video on instructables

This was really good. I like how simple it was. But I have three questions.
One: Can you use something other than acrylic for the ends?
Two: What kind of prop guns do you have (airsoft, toys, etc.)?
Three: What editing software do you use?
I would very much appreciate it if you could answer some or all of these questions. Thank you.

Hi, here your answer
1. It can be anything. Wood,Thick paper, Metal, Form etc. But I choose acrylic because it has smooth surface, easy to cut and strong enough.
2. I used with my "Blow back BB gas gun" (Beretta 92 F). But It can't use for shooting, I remove bullets of when I shoot a video. This Suppresser doesn't have inner tube, so it can break and do damage to you.(Use for movie only)
3.I use after effect for cloning myself (masking shot), Action essential for bullet and blood effect and vegas for editing text and TV look.

I hope this is all what you want. Thank you

I really appreciate it. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.

did you make some of this vid to look like splinter cell

Yes, main ideas is from splinter cell conviction. But this effect is far from good. I need to practice more.