Gun Mod for Woutgineer's 'Realistic Gun'


Introduction: Gun Mod for Woutgineer's 'Realistic Gun'

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If you have seen Woutgineer's Realistic Gun, You'd probably notice that it was hard to grab the clips and there was no sight. I built some mods for this gun and I will show you how to make them.

Step 1: The 'clip Grips'

This mod is fairly simple. You just need two xtra-small black wheels, a white rod, and a blue clip. Build the grip, then replace the green piece sticking out. Simple.

Step 2: Dual Rod Sight

This has got to be the easiest step of all, but for the sake of step-by-step, I'll show you the instructions. If you mess this up, leave the site immediately. Seriously. Once these are built, place them leaning forward on the middle semi-circle connectors as shown. Also a first-person view of the sight. :)

Step 3: The Suppressor and Fake Red Dot Light

This is the most complex, but still fairly easy. Here you will build the suppressor and the fake red dot light. 2 tan clip holders, 2 y-rods, 4 snowflake connectors(preferably black), 12 silver spacers, 20 blue spacers, 1 red cap, and 6 yellow rods are required to build this.

Step 4: You're Finished!

This is it for the mods. Thanx for viewing. These mods are easy to build, as you can see, so no need to worry about wierd pieces like hinges or something like that. That's all. joshbuilder5 signing out.



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    I'll start today, and mention you recommended it.

    sorry, but i had much better mods, nice try thou
    go to my profile and look for my desert eagle
    that is made form the same gun

    1 reply

    i know
    i'm fabulous XD

    i modded the same gun, into a desert eagle