Picture of Gun rest for camera tripod
I'm planning a trip out west and I'll naturally be bringing my camera and tripod. But also want to do some hunting for varmits and a I'd like a rest. I can't justify spending good money and tripod that only supports my gun and then having to carry both tripods. So I made this adaptor to use my camera tripod for my rifle.

And the best part is that it was less than $5 for two!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
One 3" PVC coupling, use DWV since it cost a lot less than schedule 40 or 80.
1" pipe insulation tube, you only need about 4" for each rest.
A tripod with standard screw lug

Step 2: Tools

Picture of Tools
What you need:

Glue, I like Super 77 since you can get even coverage and it drys fast
A hacksaw or jig saw
Drill or drill press (not shown)
#7 drill bit
1/4" 20 tap *
Ruler or square (optional)

* If you don't have tap, you can use a 13/64" drill bit and carefully use the screw on the tripod, but it's much harder to do.

Step 3: Cutting the tubing

Picture of Cutting the tubing
Lay the tubing next to the coupling and align the ends and draw a line on the tube at the edge of the coupling. Cut the tubing with the scissors evenly.

Step 4: Mark the coupling

Picture of Mark the coupling
Lay the cut tubing inside the coupling and unroll it, keeping it flat and even against the inside of the coupling. Mark the coupling on each side at the edge of the tubing.

Step 5: Cut the coupling

Picture of Cut the coupling
To get a consistent cut, use a straight edge to extend the marks along the coupling. I used and square to ensure it's not slanted.  Cut each line with a hacksaw or jig saw. If you use a jig saw, be sure to clamp the coupling securely in a vise. After cutting you will have two sections, one will be slightly narrower - that's the piece you're using.
LeoWorks5 months ago
A great idea (im gonna make it) abd a beatiful rifle. Its a Remington 700?
JettaKnight (author)  LeoWorks5 months ago

Yup, Rem. 700 Light Varmint

crozzymoto1 year ago
A very good idea and a nice rifle too!
Good job i like it!