I'm planning a trip out west and I'll naturally be bringing my camera and tripod. But also want to do some hunting for varmits and a I'd like a rest. I can't justify spending good money and tripod that only supports my gun and then having to carry both tripods. So I made this adaptor to use my camera tripod for my rifle.

And the best part is that it was less than $5 for two!

Step 1: Materials

One 3" PVC coupling, use DWV since it cost a lot less than schedule 40 or 80.
1" pipe insulation tube, you only need about 4" for each rest.
A tripod with standard screw lug
A great idea (im gonna make it) abd a beatiful rifle. Its a Remington 700?
<p>Yup, Rem. 700 Light Varmint</p>
A very good idea and a nice rifle too!
Good job i like it!