Introduction: Gunblade

About: Hi my name is Jacob and I enjoy making stuff. I don't create much any more but I might in the future. Also keep in mind most of the work here was put up nearly four years ago and at the time I was in middle...

Heres a Gunblade made of a nerf gun and posterboard. hope you like it



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    hehe tape phail

    Thats a lot of duct tape. I know a guy that actually has a real one.

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    Actually its only 1 layer of duct tape. My 20 year old cuzin wuz gonna get a gunblade but then he saw the price

    Yeah the price is outrageous. I want a keyblade more than anything but before I will go and spend 70 to 100 dollars I will make my own which isn't to hard. I might make an instructable on one.

     70 to 100 is a low price for a rare sword

    No the rare ones are about 200 - 400 if you look on ebay.

     thats a bloody rip off, i got one for $60 at an anime convention 

    All metal? Also is it the kingdom key? The oblivion and oathkeeper are the very expensive ones.

     its a the instructible is about, but at the same place i saw the kingdom key for 4o and the oblivion for 60, the fenrir for 65

    oh yeah sorry, completely forgot this was the gunblade slideshow. Never mind.

    I made a keyblade and made a slideshow for it. I made it out of the tops of lightsaber blades cuz we had a lot of peices from ultimate lightsaber kits and you could take the blade apart so i stacked all the top peices to make a pole, i used cardboard and tape for everything else

    I would recommend that you either use less duct tape/put it on smoother or get aluminum-tape (you should be able to get it in a homerepair-store, it's commonly used in plumbing to cover the joint of pipes.) and remember less is more! :)
    I could post some new pictures of my gunblade. I have used the aluminum-tape on mine but I haven't done anything on it in a long time. The engraving, painting of the gun part, covering the handle in black leather and the chain with the Grieversymbol on it is the things I haven't done yet!

    Have you by any means the chance of get the blade done in wood I would rather choose that than layer of layer of layer of posterboard. I had to use a sander to get the shape out of the rough piece, though I liked the result the workspace I used was covered in a layer of paperdust which were a b*tch to clean up. I think it took about 3-4 vaccumings befor it was gone! And that is NOT a joke...

    A idea I got when i looked at your gunblade were if you could get a good handle of a toy sword a good idea would be to cut of the gun's handle and cut the sword handle and use some plumber's epoxy to attach it to the gun and then sand down the excess. I think the nerf maverick would be a good base actually just cut the handle of and reattach it about 45°up towards the back. But that may be too big if the gunblade is going to be used by a smaller person. I have no clue how old or big you are but the maverick is a big gun even in my hands and I'm 187 cm = 6' 1.6"...

    Sorry for the extremly long comment! But I got to many ideas at once. Hope I were to any help!

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    Actually this is the papery kind of posterboard its just rolled onto a pole and then i flattend it to get the sword shape. i hate how the tape allways comes out wrinkled. ill try and find some alluminum tape hopfully it will work better. i still need to put the symbol on the blade and make a chain. I was actually gonna put the symbol on the side but i found a pic and i realized i could never pull it off. Since i made a keychain for my keyblade using real keychain rings and thier easily removable from the chain conecting them to the key im gonna try and make sumthing for the keychain to attach onto on the gunblade and make the keychain for that

    Also the reasoni used that drawing at the begining and not the pic after that wuz so people wudnt get yours and mine cunfused : )